KZN u13 Craven Week Team

The under-13 Craven Week 2012 takes place at Grey College in Bloemfontein this year. The action begins on Monday, 25 June 2012.

First up for the KZN boys are the Valke.

The KZN u13 Craven Week Team:

1. Brendon Schwulst (Pelham)
2. Dylan Richardson (Kloof)
3. Thomas Westermeyer (Westville)
4. Sbonelo Ndlovu (Glenwood Prep)
5. Bradley Hope (DPHS)
6. Lusanda Mdlalose (DPHS)
7. Sibahle Kuhlane  (DPHS)
8. Nicholas Kershaw (DPHS)
9. Jordan Phipson (DPHS)
10. Connor Allan (DPHS)
11. Mdusi Ngcobo (Glenwood Prep)
12. Tholumusa Nxumalo (Glenwood Prep)
13. Christopher Hope-Johnstone (St Charles)
14. Daniel Schoeman (Westville)
15. Jacobus Truter (Huttenpark – Newcastle)
16. Fezo Mbatha (Ricardia)
17. Wilko Viljoen (Westville)
18. Sean Barnes (Mtubatuba)
19. Sbusiso Zakwe (Development)
20. Thomas Price (Clifton – Nottingham Rd )
21. S.Ndzimande (Glenwood Prep)
22. Ayron Kayser (Virginia )

Coach: Michael Dick

The Day 1 match-ups are:

10:00am Namibia vs Griquas
10:00am Griffons vs Boland
10:50am KZN vs Valke
10:50am  Leopards vs Zimbabwe
11:40am EP vs Blue Bulls
11:40am Lions vs Border
02:20pm WP vs Pumas
03:10pm Limpopo vs Border CD
04:00pm Free State vs SWD

KZN u13B

1. Taine Redgard (Westville)
2. Thanduxolo Buthelezi (Monument)
3. Jonathan Smit (DPHS)
4. Alex Little (Hillcrest)
5. Lindelani Makhanya (Piet Retief)
6. Minenhle Ntshangase (Westville)
7. Dillon Taljaard (Kuswag)
8. Johann Blaauw (Lucas Meyer)
9. Ross Williamson (Merchiston)
10. Bradley Sherwood (St Charles)
11. Sphesihle Sangweni (Richmond)
12. Jordan Schwartz (Westville)
13. Thamsanqa Thabethe (Umhlali)
14. Emihle Mduli (Port Shepstone)
15. Matthew Blair (Highbury)
16. Sandile Nduzi (Mtubatuba)
17. Thulisa Shandu (DPHS)
18. Divan Bezuidenhoud (Huttenpark)
19. Amahle Bayeni (Egerton)
20. Wium Becker (Nuwe Republiek)
21. Jaryd Lombard (Kuswag)
22. Panashe Chidzonga (Kloof)


  1. Good luck boys, will be interesting to see where all these boys end up for High School. I am hoping Glenwood can hang onto the Glenwood Prep Boys and maybe a few more. If DHS can hang onto the DPHS boys they will be hard to beat at Under14 level.

  2. The no6 and no.8 are going to Hilton and Michaelhouse respectively while the no.10 is GW old boy John allans son so already 3 from Prep have gone elsewhere.
    Kearsney always manage to get 1 or 2 of Glenwood Prep Kzn boys but don’t know what to do with the talent.

  3. @Horsefly, interesting that. I would have thought Prep kids go to DHS, Westville or College. So Michaelhouse and Hilton must be offereing aggressive bursaries (almost 100%). It will be interesting to see where John Allan sends his kid, loyal to Glenwood or wanting a private education? Please keep us up to date with others as they make their decisions.

  4. @grasshopper

    Thomas Price also going to M house plus another boy who was chosen but couldn’t go because of injury. Also Wilko Viljoen is going to Hilton.
    Hilton and M house scholarship winners have been posted on their sites.

    The no.7 I know for sure is coming to DHS.
    We don’t need too many as our current U14s only has 4(flank,8th man, centre and fullback) and they managed to have a good season scoring 576 points, conceding 59 in 17 games and only losing one.

    Although, I do hope that the no.5 Hope comes to DHS as I hear he is extremely talented in other codes as well.

    GW will get at least 5 as usual I’m sure unless they go for a shopping. Spree like with their current U15 side.

  5. @Horsie, all schools shop so that was a low blow. The College kid in the under15a’s was offered a College and Glenwood bursary whilst at Highbury, he took the College one and then after a year decided to change his mind, these things happen. He could of course go back to College if he isn’t fitting in at Glenwood. It’s about the parents not the school. DHS offer bursaries just like every other school, in the end it’s the parents decision and no school can make the parents choose them. Swings and roundabouts come to mind…

  6. Hopper
    Wasn’t talking about him but infact the squad as a whole.
    GW only have that kind of spree once every 5 or so years and their current u15s are an example.
    Nothing sinister in what I said. About John Allans boy, his brother is in grade 10 at GW so it looks like he is most likely to go there. A good flyhalf that.

    Love how GW put development players at GW Prep but hate how they get lost after about 2. Years.

  7. @Horsie, no worries boet. I get what you saying, they did a bursary spree at grade 7 level to get the best team in. I think the annual Primary schools festival at Glenwood attracts those boys from Northern Natal and other areas in KZN to Glenwood. The DPHS tournament might do the same for DHS. There is going to be alot of competition between DHS, Glenwood, Westville and Northwood for the best sportsman in Durban and surrounds for the next few years. The overage debacle is not going to help either DHS or Glenwood, but they did well to expose it and expel those kids, so hopefully prospective parents see this as good and decisive action and nothing sinister. I am looking forward to a close rivalry with DHS in the coming years. DHS was rightly always our biggest game of the season and hope this is resumed.

  8. As far as I know, the captain Richardson is going to Kearsney – talented kid from Kloof, proves you don’t need to go to fashionable schools to develop as a primary school player.

  9. @Grasshopper: Just to let you know .. GW recruited 5 new players this season in the U15 squad. It’s a very impressive group they have there.

  10. Yah but my guess is that all these schools have already offered scholarships to the boys they want and are just waiting for confirmation from the families. Will have to wait till end of year to see how many DPHS boys have been awarded scholarships etc.
    As I said before Hilton and M house are done and have already posted their scholarhip boys for 2013. Wish DHS, Glenwood, Westville, kearsney and College did the same! Would stop. The controversy of GW having a full squad of 100% scholarship boys.

  11. Lots of people complaining about the older looking boys in the GW U15 A team. Have not seen them so cannot comment. I suppose you are always going to get this. Extra care needs to be taken by the schools with all this focus as I am sure they are going to come up with easier ways to test the kids. Is going to be unfair on boys if they are the right age, as these boys probably are, but doubt is around.

  12. @Pedantic, so who were those 5? So Westville/College have the best Under16’s, Glenwood best Under15’s and DHS/Glenwood the best Under14’s. It seems most of the schools are recruiting specific years.

  13. @pedantic
    Do you know of where some of the other lads are going and whether any schools beside house and hilton have posted their scholarship winners???

  14. Kearsney, MHS and Hilton are not holding back. Will always have brilliant A and 1st teams and not much after that.

  15. @ all black
    Talented boys those. DHS letting some very good talent slip!
    BTW, what is the source of your info

  16. @All Black: There are a few age suspect looking players in the team, but GW have stated publicly that all their players have been checked so I’m pretty sure it’s been done.

  17. Michaelhouse Scholarship Awards;

    Major Open
    The Ridge Preparatory School

    Major Open
    The Ridge Preparatory School

    Open Exhibition
    The Ridge Preparatory School

    Open Exhibition
    Highbury Preparatory School

    Open Exhibition
    Waterkloof House Preparatory School

    Open Exhibition
    Waterkloof House Preparatory School

    Open Exhibition
    Dainfern Preparatory School

    Major Trust
    Arbor Primary School

    Minor Trust

    Cowan House Preparatory School

    Pridwin Preparatory School

    Clifton Nottingham Road



    Sports Exhibition
    Clifton Nottingham Road

    Sports Exhibition
    Cordwalles Preparatory School

    Sports Exhibition
    St Stithian’s Preparatory School

    Sports Exhibition
    Pridwin Preparatory School

    Waterkloof House Preparatory School

    Allan Gray Orbis Foundation – Michaelhouse Scholarship
    Isipingo Hills Primary School

    Allan Gray Orbis Foundation – Michaelhouse Scholarship
    Cordwalles Preparatory School

    Allan Gray Orbis Foundation – Michaelhouse Scholarship
    Cordwalles Preparatory School

  18. It seems DPHS boys are highly sought after!!!
    Think all these KZN players are going to different schools.
    Kearsney are also going to take about 6 or so!

  19. Hilton Scholarships 2013;

    We are delighted to announce that the following boys have awarded scholarships to Hilton College for 2013. We congratulate them on their award and look forward to welcoming them to the school.

    Open Major
    Matt Hildebrand (Highbury Preparatory School)

    Open Minor
    Alexander Hopkins (Pridwin Prepartory School)
    Alexis Pienaar (The Ridge Preparatory School)

    All Rounder
    MJ Grobler (Waterkloof House Preparatory School)
    Alexander Roy (Pridwin Preparatory School)

    Open Exhibition
    Sheldon Bishop (St Peter’s Preparatory School)
    Nathan Bushnell (Clifton Durban Preparatory School)
    Guy Harding (Highbury Preparatory School)
    Daniel Ward (Merchiston Preparatory School)

    Gordon Cook (Highbury Preparatory School)
    Ross Forder (Cordwalles Preparatory School)
    Buhle Solomon (The Ridge Preparatory School)
    Pravir Valloo (Pridwin Preparatory School)
    Damon Wheals (Waterkloof House Preparatory School)

    Headmaster’s Award
    Rasikan Moodley (Crawford Lonehill)
    Wilko Viljoen (Westville Senior Primary School)

    Academic and Music
    Mitchell Green (Highbury Preparatory School)

    James Beart (The Ridge Preparatory School)
    Nikolaj Boorman (St David’s Preparatory School)
    Graham Curtis (St John’s Preparatory School – Zimbabwe)
    Matthew Grieveson (Chelsea Preparatory School)
    George Putter (Laerskool Magalieskruin)
    Altus Viljoen (Westville Senior Primary School)

    Special Award
    Lusanda Mdlalose (Durban High Preparatory School)

    Bursary/Scholarship levels;

  20. @Pedantic, not to worry. They are all Glenwood Boys now so no need to expose where they came from


  22. @smeaglol
    DPHS usually has most KZN reps but has 2 only in the u13B side. I have searched for it without luck but maybe someone else will know where to find it.

    What everyone here would like to know. Is where these boys are going to next year and that can only be known at the end of the year.

  23. @grasshopper
    Haha! GW the best U14s??? What have you been smoking!
    Kearsney,DHS and Westville are loads better iMhO.
    I know they beat bboth dhs and kearsney but you had to be at those games(which I was) to say who’s the better side and you’ll find that DHS and Kearsney performed better but unfortunately both lost.

  24. @HORSEFLY NO.1: Have to agree with you there – the DHS Under 14’s are easily the top side in KZN – they totally dominated Kearsney while GW needed a couple 50/50 decisions to scrape their win against Kearsney.

  25. And they needed a referee who would deny 2 clear tries to beat us!!
    If the boys stay together I’m sure they will. Come back with a vengeance when playing GW next year. Also, one of the players in the team was recently offered a scholarship by GW.
    They gotta stop doing that

  26. @Horsie, so the real horsie comes out with all sorts of claims and less sportmanlike. I agree the Glenwood Under14’S are not the best in the province but still beat DHS at DHS, the scoreboard says won. But the performance at Under14 has virtually no bearing on what is going to happen at 1st team level and even Under16 level. The Westville Under16A’s lost to Glenwood at Under14 and Under15 but are now argubly the top side in the province having drawn with the once invincible College side. Under14’s are just a bearing, plenty of growth and coaching can happen in the next 4 years…

  27. True but what I’ve noticed is that GW usually get the bigger boys at U14 level while the wstvl team was smaller then but have gotten better and beat GW.
    The boys can only get better though and if they don’t get egos can emulate this seasons success.

    Also you are the one who put the GW 14A as best alongside dhs in onne of your previous posts so don’t shoot me as I was only correcting a ‘mistake’ :-)

  28. There are 3 boys from Pehlam going to glenwood next year. 2 of which made the U13A craven week team, but 1 was injured at the DPHS tournament last week so was replaced by No 21 from glenwwod. The onther made the midlands U13A

  29. U13B

    1 Taine M.Redgard Westville Snr
    2 Thanduxolo S.Buthelezi Monument
    3 Jonathan M.Smit Durban Prep
    4 Alex G.Little Hillcrest C.A.
    5 Lindelani F.Makhanya Piet Retief
    6 Minenhle Ntshangase Westville Snr
    7 Dillon Taljaard Kuswag
    8 Johann A.Blaauw Lucas Meyer
    9 Ross H.Williamson Merchiston Prep
    10 Bradley Sherwood St Charles
    11 Sphesihle Sangweni Richmond
    12 Jordan A.Schwartz Westville Snr
    13 Thamsanqa P.Thabethe Umhlali Prep
    14 Emihle Mduli Port Shepstone
    15 Matthew R. Blair Highbury
    16 Sandile N.Nduzi Mtubatuba
    17 Thulisa U.Shandu Durban Prep
    18 Divan Bezuidenhoud Hutten Park
    19 Amahle J.Bayeni Egerton
    20 Wium J.Becker Nuwe Republiek
    21 Jaryd M.Lombard Kuswag
    22 Panashe D.F.Chidzonga Kloof Snr

  30. For both U13 A and B , DPHS has 8 players,followed by Westville Snr on 6 and Glenwood Prep on 4.Westville’s successful U16A was built around a very good year at Westville Snr.Hopefully Westville can keep most of the feeder boys to target same. It is also surprising that there are only 2 boys from College’s feeder schools(Pelham and Merchiston)and that the Pelham boy(and others) are going to Glenwood.Surely the point of a feeder school is to do just that.

  31. I know that this year there is a huge size difference between the KZN U13A & U13B. The injured boy from Pelham has scored 23 tries in 13 games. Would of been nice to see him play.

  32. @ Star : This years 16 A is a variety of players from a host of different schools. I don’t think its based from the Westville Senior team of 09. You’ll find that half the forward pack is Westville Snr(09). Then you’ll find that only 1 Westville Snr boy is in the backline. You’ll find that Westville sometimes attracts boys from the Zululand. Will be interesting to see next years 14A

  33. WoW! Horsie and Grass . Thank-u Knight (U13B list). I would say maybe a better balanced side. Hate to go and play Provincial Rugby with a school team, especially at u13 level. I remember a few years back when 9 of the players came from DPHS. The Craven Week Results tells the story.

    Does anybody know the venue of the u13B tournament?

  34. really hope that DHS snatches some of these boys, would be interesting to know which ones were coming to School. Probably only 2 0r 3. I hope the scrumhalf Phipson is coming as i was really impressed with him at Glenwood u13 tournament.
    glenwood should have a good side especially as they will have the Glenwood Prep boys coming there plus the KZN flyhalf from DPHS. they will therefore challenge for first again next year in under 14 level.
    u14 next year will be interesting!! look forward to it and 1st XV rugga!!!!

    @ All Black
    how do you know that Pio and Hope are going to College

  35. Horsy- I think Phipson is going to Westville. Next year will be one of the larger intakes of Prep boys to Westville(16)

  36. The KZN u13 7’s Rugby Team to National tournament:
    1. Sbonelo Ndlovu (Glenwood Prep)
    2. Tholumusa Nxumalo (Glenwood Prep)
    3. Mdusi Ngcobo (Glenwood Prep)
    4. Sibahle Kuhlane (DPHS)
    5. Lusanda Mdlalose (DPHS)
    6. H. Marx (?)
    7. Sean Barnes (Mtubatuba)
    8. Stefan Schoeman (Westville)
    9. Alex Little (CURRO Hillcrest Christian Academy)
    10. Sbusiso Zakwe (Development)
    11. Jacobus Truter (Huttenpark – Newcastle)
    12. N. Mjara (?)
    First fixtures for first day of the tournament are:
    Lions, Eastern Province and Griquas.

    Tournament to be held at CURRO Hazeldean in Pretoria

  37. Update on U13 7’s
    Matt Reed & M. Mkhize
    Managers: Neil van Jaarsveld & S.Claasens

    H. Marx = Hendrik Marx


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