Maritzburg College vs Affies

Maritzburg College will face an Affies team of a different kind when the teams meet on Goldstones at 13:15 on 21 July. The game will be televised on Supersport thanks to Megapro’s Premier Interschools sponsorship.

In this annual fixture Affies has often been associated with a big forward type domination style of rugby, which incorporates overwhelming their opponents in the scrums, at lineouts and at collision points. The juggernaut is usually directed by a very assertive scrumhalf who comes standard with a big base kick. No much fuss has been made of the Affies backline over the years though. This year, it’s not the same. Spearheaded by exciting running rugby flyhalf Ryno Eksteen who has the option to combine with quality centres Nico Lee and  Jurie Linde, Affies are now a far better balanced team. They are capable of hurting rivals by going wide even without their forwards first doing the damage upfront. On the wings they have speed in the form of star athlete Andries van der Merwe and striker Marcus Kleinbooi. Scrumhalf Louis Venter might not be what one comes to expect from Affies either, as the livewire prefers to attack with the ball in hand rather than rely on his boot.

This is not to say that Affies won’t have their usual presence in the pack. Hardworking captain Pierre Schoeman is probably the highest rated prop in SBR at the moment. Other players to be on the lookout for are hooker Frans Steyn, lock Janse van Rensburg and flank Heinrich Viljoen, all of whom made the SA Schools trial squad. Desperately unlucky not to be in that squad but a standout player nonetheless is no.8 Steven Meiring.

For College, success in this game boils down to one thing. Possession! It has been a major obstacle in their path. Getting their hands on the ball has proven to be a problem in this annual fixture. Outmuscled in the scrums and unable to find targets in amongst the tall timber at lineout time have been the two main killers of any viable challenge they might otherwise have posed. A College team with ball is dangerous, especially when they move ball through the hands. So it is vital that they find a way to hold their own once the referee says, “Engage!” Equally important is that KZN Schools hooker Vuyo Khatide maintains a high degree of accuracy and understanding with his jumpers on throw-ins and that the team comes up with lineout designs that somehow outsmart their taller opponents.

Ball-carrying around the fringes is another area where the 2012 College team has fallen short at times. Getting over the advantage line in broken play still remains the best way to set a platform for backs to be fully effective. In the line strong centres Ricci Bamber and Marcel Coetzee should be a handful if they can get decent ball and on the wings in Bandele Ngwenya and Cyle Muil, College have ample speed. However without a doubt the main attraction for home fans will be fullback Jesse Kriel who has just completed a dream Craven Week in terms of his own individual performances with ratings if not then definitely close to being 10 out of 10’s. There will also be a big welcome back for Nicholas Muller. Sidelined for a good deal of the second term action, this openside flank has proven to be a significant contributor of attack and in defence when he was fit.

Affies arrive in Pietermaritzburg as one of the three best teams in the country, containing six SA Schools final squad candidates. They are the favourites to win (again). College is a school with 149 years of tradition behind them and a proud rugby history to go with it. They will come out fighting. They really don’t know any other way. As it’s often been said at and around the famous school ground, “there is no such thing as an easy game on Goldstones” and it’s unlikely this notion will change on Saturday.

Enjoy the game. Respect the ref. Adults lead by example.

Njabula Gumede 1 Pierre Schoeman (C)
Vuyo Khatide 2 Francois Steyn
Mvelo Khumalo 3 WP Eloff
Rett Pieterse 4 Jean Droste
Robert Kamhoot 5 Nicolaas Janse Van Rensburg
Nicholas Muller 6 Albert Van Heerden
Cameron Christie 7 Heinrich Viljoen
Reegan Smith (C) 8 Steven Meiring
Josh Rencken 9 Louis Venter
Lukas Booysen 10 Ryno Eksteen
Banele Ngwenya 11 Andries Van Der Merwe
Richard Bamber 12 Nico Lee
Marcel Coetzee 13 Jurie Linde
Cyle Muil 14 Marcus Kleinbooi
Jesse Kriel 15 Constant Pretorius
Alex Cahill 16 Cornell De Waal
Seko Buthelezi 17 Xander Swart
James Smith 18 Gerhard De Beer
Jacques Conradie 19 Calvon Allison
Thato Molelekoa 20 Heine Lombaard
Murray Janse Van Rensburg 21 Marchant Van Den Heerver
Kelvin Elder 22 Thys Van Wyk


  1. GO COLLEGE!! All the best against Affies. Might be worth a trip up the road.

  2. Good luck College, this is going to be a very tough one, especially in the front row. The Affies front row is huge! I hope the Goldstones and Skonk aura give College that extra something they are going to need to stay competitive. The Affies wings are lightning quick too…….

  3. This promises to be one helluva match. College against Affies especially in PMB always is a tough match. I remember last years match when the College backline did not give up and tackled as if their lives depended on it. There were some Affies Boys with some serious sore bodies Should be a great day in the Sleepy Hollow as the derby betwen these friendly rivals is one that all College boys look forward to. Come on the RED BLACK and WHITE.

  4. GO College – I see you have a lot of support from the Green jerseys – well here’s another one who be routing for you guys on Saturday

  5. Nice of you guys to support College. Hope all goes well for Glenwood against unknown opposition. As with the article, no-one giving College much hope of winning. Thats how we like it.

  6. @All Black, of course we support our fellow KZN school against Affies, like we will do when you play Pretoria Boys across the road on the same day we play Affies. Glenwood supporters are hoping College can help soften up Affies a bit too. We then have our return game against College at Goldstones the week after, for me that will be a cracker!

  7. @All Black: Before the Hilton College game, spectators unintentionally blocked the path of the College first team from changeroom to the field. I know there was a Kearsney game a few weeks later but hopefully this issue has been sorted out and there won’t be a reoccurrence. There are plenty of juniors and teachers around to act as ushers for 2 min. :)

  8. Grasshopper – didn’t someone say that the SA Schools trials will be on the day you play Affies?

    That will help somewhat, but a school like Affies have plenty of depth, in fact a whole 2nd team that would give most 1st teams a run.

  9. @Gungets, spot on. Yes, the HP squad assemble on that day so Affies will be without 8 of their best players. However, as you say their 2nd side is as strong as most 1st teams after about 10th in the rankings. Usually Affies 2nd’s and Grey Cherries would probably rank in the top 10. Anyway, the travel and altitude factor affect us KZN boys so it will still be tough. Unfortunately or fortunately for Jesse Kriel, you guys will be without him against Pretoria Boys across the road on the same day…

  10. go College, never thought i would say that , but i hope the underdogs do it , whilst i cant watch , i hope to see it on TV , dig deep and play hard, tackle first time and dont give up, you might get the result you deserve

  11. Glenwood guys. Thanks for your support again. We are really looking forward to hosting you guys in 3 weeks time. I look back at my time at College and the games we played against Glenwood and the intense rivalry. Other schools come up with a team every few years but it will take 50 years of consistent performances to challenge the ultimate match up, being College vs Glenwood.

  12. Just been sent the comparative scores of games played this season for Affies and College. If you used this as an indication then Affies would win by 50 points.

  13. All Black – there is another site that lists the top 10 SBR Rivalries in the COUNTRY – if I can find it I will send location to you

    Glenwood – College clashes are listed amounst the top 10 – me and my mates still talk about some of the never say die clashes we have seen between these 2 schools

  14. @Greenwood, with all due respect to our alma mater but DHS vs College must be the longest and most contested rivalry in KZN, followed by Hilton vs Michaelhouse and then Glenwood vs DHS & College….

  15. @Grassy – perhaps older in terms of when they started playing – but Glenwood and College have played twice a year for as long as anyone can remember so in terms of matches played this rivalry has far more history.

    It is also a good yardstick for how far Glenwood rugby has progressed in the last few years. In my day (80’s) if 30 teams played College we were lucky to win 2 or 3 games on the day – with most of the lower teams taking hidings of 50/60/70 points. In recent years, the results are far more balanced and the scorelines are not generally huge. This all speaks volumes for the attention given to ALL of Glenwood’s teams and debunks the myth that Glenwood only worry about thier A teams and rely on imported players to win.

    College are Glenwood’s greatest rival and I guess it will be so for years to come.

  16. College 14. A lose 29-0
    15A also lost
    The Prise of College, the U16A beat Affies 23-5

  17. U15A – Affies 38-6
    U16A – College 23-10 – College denied 2 tries by desperate defence on the line. The best game I have seen from this team.
    5th – 12-12 draw
    4th – Affies 26-0
    3rd – Affies 34-20
    2nd – College 19-18
    1st – Affies 38 – 6(??) damn, was there, didn’t write it down. Massively physical game. I think Colllege were better than the score, but I would.

    Hockey – clean sweep for College.

  18. Great result for College Under16A’s and 2nd’s, hard luck on the 1st team game. I think we all knew in our heads that it would be very tough but hoped the Goldstones aura would make something happen for College. Affies will admit that their Under16A side is their weakest in years. I think last year it was the only Glenwood win on the day (U15A last year). Affies and Grey Bloem are in another league altogether down the line. Glenwood are looking down the barrel for next weekend…….eish I can see some big scores coming.

  19. Truth be told, I think that the atmosphere at Goldstones today was a bit flat. Perhaps the non-parent supporters are rugbied out, perhaps they stayed at home to watch the Sharks – the 1st 15 start overlapped the Sharks game by about 8 minutes, perhaps the 1st team game at 1:15pm is a bit off-putting. Whatever, it was not the normal crowd and not the normal gees. Don’t believe it would have made much difference, the College players certainly put it on the line today, going to be some sore bodies in KZN and on the Affies bus tonight.

    Compliments to the Affies crowd. Hosted 3 boys, top kids. The parents and staff were also top drawer, crowd and player behaviour generally right up there with the Gospel of Keith Richardson – very lekker.

  20. The U16A continue their fine form by beating a top SA school convincingly. Well done boys – only 2 losses in 3 seasons. Exceptional.

  21. @GreenBlooded: Hats off to the College u16A on their result. This year’s Affies u16s have been weak by Affies’ high standards ever since u14 level. I think Glenwood and College are yet to register a loss against them. Apparently the Affies u16s even had 1 or 2 players leaving to join rivals Klofies at the start of the season – I read this on a blog but unconfirmed tho.

  22. @ the greens
    do you think this years results vs Grey will be like this??

    i think it will be hard for the Glenwood u16As still though , their u15 result was 12-0 win at home(which was the only win of the day) and the Glenwood side did infact lose in 2010 at u14 level, they lost 6-15 away while zero glenwood teams won that day :wink: affies away is hard and even the College u15s of last year only won 31- 26 with both sides scoring 3 tries.
    my prediction is a not so pretty day for Glenwood! theyll be lucky to win one game!

  23. @Fly #1. The Affies 1sts will be short 6 players that day, that will ripple down all the open sides. The lower sides will be there for the taking by Glenwood. Affies also had a serious day out yesterday, then an 8 hour bus trip home. We saw what effect that had on College earlier this year after Grey PE, then Wildeklaver. My prediction for Glenwood is the best win ratio that they have ever had. If they can front up (with captain Shoeman, Janse van Rensburg and Viljoen out!!) then with Eksteen, Linde and Kleinbooi out of the backs, I reckon Glenwood are in with a shout (I think Glenwood beat College at 2nds and 3rds?).

    Was wrong about the hockey yesterday, not a clean sweep, I think 2 sides lost in the lower teams, but (certainly at U16) teams like their F’s were packed with D team players.

  24. @Horsie, I agree Glenwood are in for a very tough day next Sat, I don’t see too many wins, maybe 2 or 3. The long bus/train trip and altitude play a huge factor, we know from previous trips to Grey and Affies. Funny how you get so much joy from this, but at least Glenwood test themselves agains the best. It would be horrendous if DHS did the trip. The 1st team will be interesting and will test Affies’s depth, but they will still be very strong.

  25. @grasshopper :wink:

    lol. its only because im always saying that only the A sides shoud play Affies and Grey and that should be at festivals! not because i see DHS having a better chance, quite the opposite actually with the exception of two DHS teams. losing 104-0 doesnt give you any lessons mate! it just makes you ask the question of WHY AM I PLAYING RUGBY AGAIN??? good luck though!! :mrgreen:


    Glenwood will suffer in u14s and u15s while their u16s MIGHT pull off a victory, their 2nds could also do it but either than that i dont see light for glenwood in any of the games mate

  26. I don’t think GW has any chance in any age group. Come on GW, surprise me!! :-P

  27. @NW
    Come on ! Give their 16a and 2nds a chance! Surely they could do it!

  28. @Fly #1 – well, we will see. I watched as many matches as I could on Saturday, tough because we were using 6 or more fields to get the games in. None of the games were the absolute thumping we have seen in the past. The scores might look poor in some cases, but there were lots of instances of turnarounds that went 100m for 7 points.

    We can chat next Sunday.

  29. @Horsie, I think the Under15A’s, Under16A’s, 3rd’s and 2nd’s should all have a good chance of winning. The 1st are touch and go but they had a good win against Kirkham (who beat SACS who just lost to Paul Roos) dusting off some holiday cobwebs for a few. I believe Viljoen had a blinder at lock. Grey Bloem Under14A’s beat Pretoria boys 109-0, now that is a hammering. Those sorts of scores against Grey Bloem are expected lower down but not at that level. It would be interesting to see how the DHS Under14A’s would go against them….

  30. @grasshopper
    I’m sure the DHS U14s could hold their own against them but the gw u14 result vs grey will tell us more.


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