Surprise package for 2024

Which high school is on your radar to exceed expectations during the 2024 schoolboy rugby season?
Here is a preseason thumbsuck.

Maybe we can revisit it after Easter?

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    #11 Deon

    @ForeverHorseFly (Comment #9)
    Knowing HJS and knowing DHS. Mark my words

    The father of our deputy head boy Timothy, a friend at school, decades ago, was the headmaster of DHS. Interesting fact, so I have been following DHS for decades.

    12 February, 2024 at 21:13
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    #10 Skywalker

    DHS has figured out the not so secret formula – very big boys in your pack, with speedy creative backs and a great coach. Simple. I expect them to have a great season again. I hope they knock Hilton and Mhouse off the top spot.

    12 February, 2024 at 14:31
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    #9 ForeverHorseFly

    @Deon (Comment #8)
    What exactly are you basing this prediction on?

    11 February, 2024 at 22:14
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    #8 Deon

    @ForeverHorseFly (Comment #6)
    I predict a Paarl Boys win by 30 points at least.

    11 February, 2024 at 21:41
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    #7 ForeverHorseFly

    @beet (Comment #3)
    Is the Voortrekker night series happening again this year? I’m sure it will give an indication of who might be in the 1st XV when the season starts.

    11 February, 2024 at 21:40
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    #6 ForeverHorseFly

    @boerboel (Comment #4)
    Yes he is definitely doing good things at DHS. That Paarl game will be a good test for the boys and they showed last year they can compete with the top schools so it will be exciting to see what they can do this year.

    11 February, 2024 at 21:37
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    #5 Deon

    Maak mooi EG Jansen.

    11 February, 2024 at 18:31
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    #4 boerboel

    @ForeverHorseFly (Comment #2)
    will be intersting when they play boishaai-i rate peter engledow as a coach

    11 February, 2024 at 17:59
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    #3 beet

    @ForeverHorseFly (Comment #2)
    Sorry some late feedback is its early days and a lot of preseason work still lies ahead but a reasonable estimate at this stage is that three, maybe four u17s will be in the mix.

    8 February, 2024 at 23:45
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    #2 ForeverHorseFly

    @Beet, do you have an idea of what the DHS first team line up might look like this year? I know they had a talented u16 team in 2022 but any u16 from 2023 make it into the team?

    7 February, 2024 at 19:22
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    #1 Smallies

    Based on their form last year I’ll go for Queens to have another stand out year

    7 February, 2024 at 16:09

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