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Rugby coaching / setup changes at KZN schools for 2018

18 Oct, 2018 beet 87

Keegan Daniel joins Northwood and Bashford assumes head coaching role – 18 October 2018

Former Sharks captain (and Springbok) Keegan Daniel is the new coaching face at Northwood. His main focus will be the Knights’ 1st XV pack of forwards and word is he will be great for motivating the boys.…

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Glenwood 1st XV 2018 joins the exclusive unbeaten season list

9 Aug, 2018 beet 19

Glenwood have crossed the finish line unbeaten in 2018. A remarkable achievement.

Here’s the list of 1st XV’s since 2007 that have completed an unbeaten (local) season and either finished as SA’s No.1 or challenged for that top spot in their year.…

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KZN Grant Khomo trials 2018 under the spotlight

5 Jun, 2018 beet 1

A concerned KZN parent wrote to me a few weeks ago about his observations of the KZN under-16 Grant Khomo trials process. It was quite interesting. Below I’ve reworded a few of his questions in blue text but tried to keep the original emphasis. In bold red are some of the valued answers I received after doing a follow up with a few of those who have first hand experience of how the process works.…