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Recollection of day spent watching primary & high school festival rugby

30 Mar, 2022 beet 8

I think amongst the joys of the schoolboy rugby sidelines is getting to interact with different people from different walks of life, who all share some sort of attachment to the sport or a school or one of the players on the field. You get to share your different opinions and often learn something interesting and new. And sometimes you just get a reinforcement of a perspective that is worth sharing, like this email I received today:…

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Kwagga Week 2022

25 Mar, 2022 beet 0
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Least experienced 1st XVs of the modern era to kick-off 2022 season

21 Feb, 2022 beet 15

Two of the 2021 season pace-setters Paarl Gymnasium and Grey College will head into the 2022 South African schoolboy rugby season as the early favourites come out on top, but for the most part, determining where the rest of the big guns will fit into the ranking puzzle is a guessing game.…

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Memories from April 2021

13 Feb, 2022 beet 12

After watching a Gloucester match in the English Premiership last weekend, this week gone past I could not help but think of something Garsfontein deputy headmaster Retief Smith wrote last April.…

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Database of schoolboy rugby coaches for 2022

29 Jan, 2022 beet 3

School rugby in South Africa is blessed to have an abundance of talent at its disposal in terms of both players and school level coaches. When it comes to coaching the depth chart is deep, so much so that for the top positions available, supply exceeds demand several times.…

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Your last wish match for 2021

18 May, 2021 beet 16

Hypothetically, the schoolboy rugby season is called off due to Covid, however you have the chance to choose one last round of fixtures to proceed. Which match-ups would you most like to see take place?…