KZN set to play school rugby during soccer season

It has been a very bleak year or so living with Covid. One of the few positive spin-offs is on the cards though. For the first time in a long time, just about every one of the  KwaZulu-Natal top level rugby high schools have committed to playing rugby fixtures during the opening few weeks of the third term. In all other parts of South Africa, the game started by William Webb Ellis reigns supreme amongst schools traditionally linked with offering quality rugby programmes. Not so in KZN. Here things are normally a bit different during the coldest months of the year. Soccer has generally dominated the coastal province’s school sports scene from July to September (with a bit of Sevens being contested on the side).

Understandably this arrangement was brought on by once off circumstances and is not going to be a permanent one especially since soccer has established too much of a third term stronghold. But at least in 2021 it will be fun to see a full set of rugby fixtures in KZN during July.

KZN’s work-in-progress fixture list:

1 Sat.08May St Charles Away
2 Sat.15May Maritzburg College Venue TBC
3 Sat.29May Kearsney Home
4 Sat.05Jun Glenwood Venue TBC
5 Sat.12Jun Westville Away
6 Sat.19Jun DHS Home
1 Sat.24Apr Ferrum 31 5 Won Home-Battlefields Festival
2 Mon.26Apr Sarel Cilliers 17 7 Won Home
3 Sat.08May Maritzburg College Venue TBC
4 Sat.15May Hilton Away
5 Sat.22May Westville Home
6 Sat.29May Northwood Away
7 Sat.05Jun St Charles Away
8 Sat.12Jun Maritzburg College Venue TBC
9 Sat.19Jun Clifton Away
10 Sat.07Aug Northwood Home
1 Sat.08May Westville Home
2 Sat.15May St Charles Home
3 Thu.20May Michaelhouse Away
4 Sat.29May Hilton Away
5 Sat.05Jun Clifton Venue TBC
6 Sat.12Jun Kearsney Home
7 Sat.19Jun Maritzburg College Away
1 Sat.08May Northwood Away
2 Sat.15May DHS Home
3 Sat.29May Glenwood Home
4 Sat.05Jun Westville Home
5 Sat.12Jun Michaelhouse Away
6 Sat.17Jul Kearsney Away
7 Sat.24Jul Michaelhouse Home
1 Sat.24Apr Sarel Cilliers 48 15 Won Home-Battlefields Festival
2 Mon.26Apr Ligbron 25 5 Won Home
3 Tue.27Apr Ferrum 25 5 Won Home
4 Sat.08May Michaelhouse Home
5 Sat.15May Northwood Away
6 Wed.19May Westville Home
7 Sat.29May Clifton Away
8 Sat.05Jun Maritzburg College Home
9 Sat.12Jun Glenwood Away
10 Sat.17Jul Hilton Home
11 Sat.24Jul St Charles Venue TBC
1 Fri.23Apr Voortrekker (Beth) 35 17 Won Fichardtpark Rugby Fest
2 Sat.24Apr Diamantveld 26 8 Won Fichardtpark Rugby Fest
3 Mon.26Apr Duineveld 24 5 Won Fichardtpark Rugby Fest
4 Sat.08May DHS Venue TBC
5 Sat.15May Clifton Venue TBC
6 Sat.22May Northwood Home
7 Sat.29May Michaelhouse Away
8 Sat.05Jun Kearsney Away
9 Sat.12Jun DHS Venue TBC
10 Sat.19Jun Glenwood Home
11 Sat.26Jun Westville Away
12 Sat.31Jul Affies Home
1 Sat.08May Kearsney Away
2 Sat.15May Westville Away
3 Thu.20May Glenwood Home
4 Sat.29May Maritzburg College Home
5 Sat.05Jun Northwood Home
6 Sat.12Jun Hilton Home
7 Sat.17Jul St Charles Away
8 Sat.24Jul Hilton Away
1 Fri.23Apr Westville 15 31 Lost Home
2 Sat.08May Hilton Home
3 Sat.15May Kearsney Home
4 Sat.22May Maritzburg College Away
5 Sat.29May DHS Home
6 Sat.05Jun Michaelhouse Away
7 Sat.12Jun St Charles Away
8 Sat.19Jun Westville Away
9 Sat.07Aug DHS Away
1 Sat.08May Clifton Home
2 Sat.15May Glenwood Away
3 Sat.29May Westville Away
4 Sat.05Jun DHS Home
5 Sat.12Jun Northwood Home
6 Sat.17Jul Michaelhouse Home
7 Sat.24Jul Kearsney Venue TBC
1 Fri.23Apr Northwood 31 15 Won Away
2 Sat.08May Glenwood Away
3 Sat.15May Michaelhouse Home
4 Wed.19May Kearsney Away
5 Sat.22May DHS Away
6 Sat.29May St Charles Home
7 Sat.05Jun Hilton Away
8 Sat.12Jun Clifton Home
9 Sat.19Jun Northwood Home
10 Sat.26Jun Maritzburg College Home

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  1. Can’t wait for the boys to play. Wishing Northwood a super season. Go U/15’s


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