Results – 25 May 2013

M. College 40 44 Glenwood 150th REUNION DAY!!!!! The pace at which this game was played was just insane. 10 out of 10 for excitement
Grey College 35 28 Paarl BH Premier Interschools game on TV
Affies 19 18 Waterkloof 5-star game. Huge!
St Andrews 14 39 Grey HS Potential Eastern Cape decider. Big Game
Outeniqua 13 7 Oakdale SWD decider
Die Brandwag 26 29 Framesby
Queens 38 30 Hudson Park
Nico Malan 53 10 Otto du Plessis
Dale 44 14 Kingswood
Westville 45 0 Northwood
Clifton 11 28 DHS  Midweek game
St Charles 10 25 DHS
Hilton 39 10 George Campbell
De Kuilen 20 50 Tygerberg
Paarl Gim 35 14 Rondebosch
Stellenberg 23 38 SACS
Worcester Gim 10 31 Drostdy
Wynberg 42 28 Bishops
Jeppe 34 25 St Stithians
St Johns 19 55 Michaelhouse Grogper Cup: Gauteng 6 KZN 6 with one game to go
KES 31 31 Monnas
Garsfontein 57 27 Menlopark
Middelburg 16 29 HTS Middelburg
Marlow 58 5 Diamantveld
Parktown 54 20 St Davids
Marais Viljoen 42 65 St Benedicts Aggregate of 107 points
Welkom Gim 20 22 Voortrekker (Beth)
EG Jansen 50 26 Vereeniging Gim
Centurion 29 28 Wonderboom
Eldoraigne 87 0 Zwartkop


  1. College vs Glenwood!!!!! Is it a bit too early to play the prediction game???

    1st – Glenwood by 10.

    16A- College by 6

    15A- College by 5

    14A- Glenwood by 20.

    For the record, I’m supporting College here :mrgreen:. Go Red,Black and White!!!

  2. Grey PE definitely the underdogs against St Andrews this weekend, especially in Grahamstown. Heres to hoping we pull it off !

  3. @Mike: I agree Mike, St Andrew’s have the upper hand, you don’t rock up at Lower and beat St Andrew’s, it is extremely tough there. I think their form is also good. Should be a cracker. Decider of course.

    Though SAC still have to play Queen’s on the Rec :mrgreen:. A win here should pretty much tie up their no.1 spot in the EC

  4. @HORSEFLY NO.1: Your predictions are not too far off the money – but I have a few that I see differently:

    1st: On Dixons on another day I would say Glenwood by 25 given their current form. But Goldstones on Reunion day is a very different place to be. Still think the reunion day voodoo will continue and the GM will take it – by 10 as you say.

    2nd: Here I’ll say a 17-17 draw

    U16A: Glenwood U16A seem to be under-rated this year and I don’t know why. College are on a roll. Not sticking my neck out here – all I’ll say is within 5 points either way.

    U15A: College to take it by 10-15.

    U14A: Glenwood will run riot here. Glenwood by 30 at least. College U14 are not ‘gelling’ which apparently is a common theme year in and year out which comes right in spectacular fashion in U15.

    Get there early. Massive crown expected – seating and parking will be at a nightmare for those arriving after lunch.

  5. Any potential “upset” games or games that would be a bad loss for some of the big teams?

  6. has everybody at and on SBR forgotten about Selborne,Selborne play Cambridge this weekend beet@Ludz: you talking about number one spot,QC sac as if Selborne does not exist :lol:

  7. @Slam: Not good to hear. To be honest, I don’t mind who wins. The last Reunion Day Glenwood/College match on Goldstones was the best game of SBR I reckon I have ever seen – 2 years ago, Glenwood won by 1 point. I am hoping the game on Saturday lives up to that – a spectacle of note. Ngcobo has made a name for himself as a finnisher and the contest between him and Sparks will be epic so I hope he is OK to play by Saturday.

  8. @Speartackle: Hou van hoe jy dink, maar ek dink Grey Bloem voorspelling is dalk bietjie optemisties – sal egter nie mind as hulle dit kan regkry nie. Affies en Monnas lyk na goeie voorspellings, maar Glenwood behoort vir Maritzburg te klop. Wat van ‘n paar in die glasbal vir die Superrugby – ek sukkel!!!!

  9. @QC86: oh ya, you okes still unbeaten as well hey. You okes still got to go to the Rec later this year :mrgreen:

  10. BREAKING NEWS..op no 99 is BoishaaiPa oppad Bloem toe!…vlieg moreoggend 6:10 uit Kaapstad!….Aan al my OG pelle…Sien julle oppie Dek!..

  11. @Mike: As an old, old Grey High PE boy let’s hope the Snoozles don’t pull one over us this weekend.
    I watched them at the st Stithians festival and I watched Grey lose to Wynberg and I must say that it will be very close – Go Grey!

  12. @BuffelsCM: This is what that boy from Tygerberg that threw the hay-maker from behind should have received. BTW, why the black SBR jersey, you should ask Beet for a Bellville one, especially with what’s coming the next 2 years…..

  13. @Ploegskaar: Sorry – I see you already posted it. Should have checked first.

    I think it’s great – send out a strong message to the thugs. SBR doesn’t need this at all.

  14. @GreenBlooded: Agreed, if dealt with earlier and stricter, we would probably see less of this nonsense at senior level as well. Have to say that we have fortunately seen very little of that type of stuff down here this year, which means the zero-tolerance directive is having the desired effect. Dirty, dangerous and reckless (without intention) play are dealt with equally, and with the laaities knowing exactly where they stand, it makes for more rugby and less off-the-ball stuff.

  15. @GreenBlooded:
    Interesting on 14A, you had a similar prediction when they were going to play DHS :lol: . But I’ll stick with a 20 point margin, 1st reunion day for the. Young ‘uns of College and in their 150th will surel fire them up. All you need to do is look at home and away results every year for College vs Glenwood and you’ll see


    Glenwood 2nd team I think will take it, think by about 13 points in the end

  16. @sacssupporter: I’m already nervous for tomorrow. You’d know that theres one game that’s the absolute worst to loose, and that’s against the Snoozles. I’ll never forget hearing the SAC Boys chanting “21-20” after the match in 2005. But I agree with you its going to be close. Probably one of the best College teams in a long time as well.

  17. @Ploegskaar: Yes Gideon gave me the message yesterday. I’ve mailed beet this morning – not too sure if he has it in his “records” !!@GreenBlooded: Ploegskaar mentioned the act of a coward above. The no 8 of the opposition hit our U/16A’s loose head prop from behind. He needed 4 stitches inside his mouth. The guilty player received a red card but it will be interesting to hear what kind of penalty was handed down

  18. @Ploegskaar: There are two parties to blame: coaches and parents. That is where foul play shoulg get stamped out – but the referees normally get the blame. I’ve seen very limited cases of thuggery in junior rugby (U6-U9) and in these cases I can guarantee that there is a vicarious dad in the background puling the strings.

  19. @HORSEFLY NO.1: I’ve seen every match the College U14A have played this year. :mrgreen: I think they have not shown there true potential yet. They have lot’s of individual talent but are somehow not putting it together and they seem to be ‘flat’ for want of a better word. Speaking to some old hands, this is a common scenario as the boys get aquaintend with each other and to the pressures of boarding school life (most of them) and the other intricacies of being a small fish in a big pond. This, I am told, always comes right in spectacular fashion in the following year when they are U15’s. Case in point – this year’s U15’s lost to Michaelhouse last year and this year gave them a 40+ point hiding.

  20. @GreenBlooded: So true, the onus are on those 2 parties to teach discipline before the laaties get on the field, and for the ref to enforce on the field. Too often it unfortunately gets left to the ref to do both.

  21. @GreenBlooded:
    I have not watched this years College U14 but I did watch last years side and they seemed to have a see-saw season, being brilliant the one week then average the next. Last year they beat Westville then lost to MHS the following week, they played well against DHS losing 12-10 and then lost by 20 points to Kearsney. But what I’m saying is that they showed glimpses. Of brilliance even then. Like turning around a 18 point away loss to GWD to a 12-12 draw.

    Methinks next years U16 KZN side SHOULD have quite a few boys from GWD,Kearsney,College ,DHS and Westville. All 5 sides can beat each other IMO at the moment!

  22. Horsey. Need you to clarify statement you made regarding Westville 2nd team players being better than some 1st team and the tendency to play grade 12 boys in 1st team???

  23. @Mike: this is a very good College side, still don’t think in the same class as the side of 2010. Ryan Dugmore’s side was brilliant and you knew they beat most sides, but Sintu’s side could get knocked over in 1 of their remaining fixtures. Preferably next week at the House of Pain :mrgreen:. Daunting task for your boys though, you rarely go to Lower and come away with a victory. 8-O

  24. @Mike: and @Ludz:

    Haha, i will never forget hearing about that time College beat Grey in 2005, with Grey having a red card and conceding a lot of penalties. It was deja vu in 2009 when Price beat them by a single point. Back in 2005 they beat Grey, but lost at the Rec the next weekend to a highly rated Queens side, who have lost in PE to Grey, hope history can repeat its self cause we have already lost to Grey in PE 8)

  25. does any one have the teams lists of 1st 2nd and 16 a sides for both schools

  26. 14A Glenwood 19 – 3 Maritzburg College.
    15A Glenwood 19 -20 Maritzburg College.

  27. Dale vs Kingswood:
    14A Dale 61 KC 0
    15A Dale 27 KC 39 (Cracker of a game)
    16A Dale 10 KC 0 Halftime

  28. @Stormberg Mountains: they gave us a proper thrashing in 09, got 50 at the Rec which is unheard of 8-O, Price was well looked after that day, it was the rest of the team that ran riot

  29. DALE COLLEGE 44 Kingswood College 14
    Selborne College 19 Cambridge High School 17

  30. @Far Meadows: @McCulleys Workshop: Congrats to MH. That is a very good score. I must say that St John’s irritate the hell out of me, as they play well against local rivals like KES, St Alban’s, Saints, etc…but roll over and die against out of town teams. So, it’s all up to Boys High to save the Grogper Cup! :lol:

    What’s happened to your u15 team though? They looked very good at the Hilton festival last month, but have subsequently underperformed significantly, including a loss against Hilton, a hammering against College and a loss to St John’s today?

  31. **Witbulle 19-18 Kloof 1stes** **Tiere 28-08 Kloof 2des** **Kobras 36-10 Kloof 3des** **AHS 7des 24-00 Kloof 5des** **AHS O/15 B 25-11 Kloof O/15 B** **AHS O/16 A 34-10 Kloof O16 A** **AHS O14 B 12-12 Kloof O/14 B** **AHS O/15 A 27-05 Kloof O/15 A** **AHS O/14 A 36-07 Kloof O/14 A** **AHS O/15 C 50-00 Kloof O/15 C** **Dit is al tellings wat ek het manne, AHS eerste Hokkie span wen 3-2 nadat hulle 2-0 agter was, en O/16 A wen 4-0 vir Kloof.

  32. i feel for College, losing on the 150th reunion fixture must be beyond depressing

  33. Wow!!! i guess some would say, Glenwood’s response was a champions response… i feel for college, this should hard to take, especially the manner of which this happend in :cry:

  34. @Affies: Kollege en Glenwood gespeel op Goldstones in Kollege se 150 Reunion Day, die spel het alles, drama, emosie en ‘n angel in die verhaal nie, maar hulle verloor die wedstryd met die tyd op.

  35. This is a bit sad for College. Hope it doesn’t happen to DHS in 2016 whoever they decide to play between College and Glenwood

  36. @HORSEFLY NO.1:
    In 2016 it better not be Glenwood, i think you have seen how bad they are as visitors, lol. Also not College, they will be hurting, this loss will be engrained in their minds for a long time. Rather play WBHS

  37. What a game! Craig missed a couple of forward passes today. Morne Joubert is quality, scoring 3 tries for your first XV against College on Goldstones is a big achievement.

  38. @Grasshopper:
    Too epic, I was on may way back from PMB going to Durban, I can’t remember if the posters reminded me about this fixture but i went back. Naturally i was supporting College, as they have been distance rivals of ours for years, especially when I was at school we played them regularly. The game was out of this world, none of the people on Goldstones would complain, it had everything, drama, emotions, love-hate and heartbreak, if only the result was in favour of College. The despair in the MC boys eyes told a story. The old cliché should apply tho, that rugby was the winner…

  39. @Stormberg Mountains:
    I don’t think that DHS will mind any of those schools because they should have a good side then. Also, it can’t be Westville, not enough tradition, it’ll be either GWD or Maritzburg. Think College because we should play Glenwood away in 2016 and the gr.11 and 12 of that year will be this years U14A and U15A. They had good results against College. 14A won 40-18 and 15A drew 14 all

  40. @Sir Pius:
    Well done to him, he had an outstanding game mind you. I also agree with Craig’s performance, as much as he has refereed a world cup final i can just see he is a bit of a romantic, we saw it when he gave NZ the 50/50 calls in their own back yard. I think he did the same here for College, he is an Old Boy at College, i rate the was a little bit of conflict of interest there. What if? Could have?! Should have!!! If only… College why :cry:

  41. @Stormberg Craig was shocking actually, College must have paid him well. He was the 15th man for College. The 16a ref was kak as well. Am scared as we play College at College in 3 weeks time.

  42. @Sir Pius:
    I think they didn’t pay anything, just that he would have wanted MC to win. Just like when Grey P.E in their 2011 Reunion vs Queens had a ref with Australian Rugby Championship experience but was an old boy. Queens was simply better on the day but the fact that we played till dark was worrying as every1 could see that 10min had passed since the score board went to 0min. The game didn’t even have any major injuries mind you…

  43. QUEENS COLLEGE 38 vs HUDSON PARK HIGH SCHOOL 30 Full-time this Queens team plays well on one weekend and awfully on another. Atleast we won hey!

  44. @Sir Pius: Just so I get this straight. You are saying that Craig Joubert cheated at the request of Maritzburg College, who paid Joubert to cheat.

  45. Grey PE 39 St Andrews College 14. Best performance of the year by Grey for sure. Left wing scored 3 tries, definitely my man of the match.

  46. @Mike: Well done!!! Grey were always going to win for me, i think they struggle when they do not lead early on, and they did in this game! Wow, on Lower Field, St Andrews parents must have stormed off before time. Like 2006 when scoreborad recorded SAC 0 Queens 36

  47. It was a BLITZREIG on lower this afternoon, hard to come back 22-0. Well played Grey PE best performance for them so far this year. Where very good on attack i must say. U lose some u win some. College will arise. Can someone please tell me whats going on with Kingswood this year, their losing every game by big margins, i haven’t seen the side this year are they small or what?

  48. There was a cracker of a game out at Selborne today vs Cambridge! We lead Selborne College 6-5 going into HT. The final score was 19-17 to Selborne with our fullback missing a conversion at the death that would’ve earned Cambridge a draw. Both sides were evenly matched. The score in 2012 was a 10-10 draw. I believe the co-eds on the Border region are catching up to the all boys schools on the Border region…

  49. @CHS13:
    i must say, these boys seem to bing an arrogant approach and find out on the day that they are no push overs, i’m glad as the colleges will put more focus as a loss is a catastrophe, no disrespect

  50. Good day for Grey College rugby!!

    28 matches played:

    23 won
    4 lost (3 at u/14 level)
    1 draw

    Some VERY big scores for GCB!!!!

  51. None taken. Hudson Park High School (Lost 38-30 to Queens College today) and Hoerskool Grens (who beat Dale College 27-19 this year) will punish Selborne if they bring the same arrogant approach in their upcoming games this year.

  52. @HORSEFLY NO.1: Nothing wrong with Grey, that BH u14 team has 30+ u13 CW players in that age group. One of the best, if not the best in the country. On the u14 subject congrats to Stellenberg’s u14’s for extending their unbeaten run with a comfortable 19-10 win today. They have collected the scalps of ‘Bosch and Landbou amongst a few at the Outeniqua week. Well played.

  53. @HORSEFLY NO.1: Have heard only good things about both those teams and the style of attractive rugby that they play. Paul Roos not to shabby either, pity the top 4 in the age groups can’t play a tourney at the end of the season.

  54. @Gungets Tuft: Please mate – follow your own advice and don’t wrestle with pigs.

    Let’s consider what Craig had to deal with today: Choice 1 (Easy): Consider that I am reffing a reunion day match at my old school, with probably 10-15k of my fellow old boys in attendance. Consider the ramifications of what I am about to do in terms of the outcome of this auspicious occassion. Consider that there is an option available to me to chicken out and make a call that would make everyone happy. Choice 2 (Hard): Consider this game as a game of rugby between 4 white lines. Consider it the same as I would consider the same offence if I were reffing and U14F match at another school and apply the LAW OF MY CRAFT to the situation at hand REGARDLESS OF THE OCCASSION like the consumate professional that I am.

    Craig chose the latter today. It must have been damn difficult for him – not many would have had the balls. Your Old Collegain was true to himself and his profession today – he did you proud. That the result detracted from the spectacle and without question affected the final result was not his doing.

    I wonder if all the wise commentators were even at the game today?

  55. THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY of Reunion Day


    1. The Reunion day match between Glenwood and College on Goldstones from 2011 was eclipsed today as the best match of SBR I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing. There were no losers on Goldstones today. 15-20k spectators were treated to 84 points of uncompromising guts, courage and skill. Well done to both teams for the memories.

    2. The professionalism showed by Craig Joubert in making a very difficult, but correct call which had a major effect on the final result.

    3. The U14B Glenwood boys who remarked to their College opponents as the clapped them off the field after narrowly beating them, “Happy 150th anniversary guys”.


    1. Drinking and associated bad behaviour in the stands. College really needs to get this nipped in the bud – no drinking until after the game. At Pretoria Boys High there is a no alchohol policy on the campus – enforced by some no-nonsense heavies walking around. There is no drinking in the stands at Glenwood – enforced also. Not the first time I have had to move seats due to drunk and disorderly old boys.


    1. The Glenwood U16A team high-fiving and celebrating the serious injury of a College player after a hard tackle. The tackle was good – the celebration was not cool at all. Shame on you.

  56. @GreenBlooded:
    Well done on the win by the way. Mustve taken all they had to beat a determined College side that must’ve been looking forward to this game all year long. Seems to have been a cracker !

    Those U16 boys just need a good talking to by their coach and be told that rugby is a privelege, and priveleges get taken away when they aren’t deserved anymore

  57. Baie geluk Grey. Wat diepte betref, het julle nie n gelyke nie. Miskien Affies?
    Viljoen was die verskil tsn spanne. WP het goeie belegging in hom.
    HJS het baie karakter en veggees gewys. Stukke beter as bv teen Glenwood n paar weke terug.
    Voorspoed vir albei se seisoen.
    HJS sal goed doen om onder top 10 te eindig.
    Lyk of onder 16’s erg sukkel. Voorspel maer jare wat voorlê.

  58. @CHS13:
    I do not know if I am right, but Cambridge and Queens do not play each other anymore. Any knowledge on the matter?

  59. Is daar iemand het die volle span resultate van die College en Glenwood, wil sien wat die beter toekoms het.

  60. @HORSEFLY NO.1: The U 14 side was leading 6-0 at the break, I believe. At the beginning of the season they swept all opposition aside and that included the stronger sides at the tournament in George. Then later, they played Monnas and were also leading 17-0 at HT. After a few injuries, they lost 17-34. So, I dont think that there is anything wrong with the team and its skills- its rather a problem of the minds.

    Selborne College 1st Rugby XV beat Cambridge 1st XV (19-17)
    Selborne College 2nd Rugby XV beat Cambridge 2nd XV (28-0)
    Selborne College 4th Rugby XV beat Cambridge 3rd XV (32-14)
    Selborne College 6th Rugby XV beat Cambridge 4th XV (15-0)
    Selborne College 8th Rugby XV beat Cambridge 5th XV (14-7)
    Selborne College U16 A Rugby XV beat Cambridge U16 A XV (60-0) ended 15min short
    Selborne College U16 C Rugby XV beat Cambridge U16 B XV (24-5)
    Selborne College U16 D Rugby XV beat Cambridge U16 C XV (48-21)
    Selborne College U15 A Rugby XV beat Cambridge U15 A XV (24-0)
    Selborne College U15 C Rugby XV beat Cambridge U15 B XV (73-3)
    Selborne College U15 D Rugby XV beat Cambridge U15 C XV (57-0)
    Selborne College U14 A Rugby XV lost Cambridge U14 A XV (14-19)
    Selborne College U14 B Rugby XV lost Cambridge U14 B XV (20-26)
    Selborne College U14 C Rugby XV beat Cambridge U14 C XV (36-14)
    Selborne College U14 C Rugby XV lost Cambridge U14 C XV (17-22)
    Played: 15, Won: 12 and Lost: 3.

  62. @GreenBlooded: Of course there will be discussion about the red but is was very short lived where I was standing. The ones who called it wrong did not know the law and were quickly informed and that was that, no more discussion.

    I enjoyed that there was no other niggle, even (amazingly I think) a little mid-game hand touch of congratulation between College and Glenwood players after a try had been scored. Great match, obviously disappointed at the result after College lead with 5 minutes to go, but the boys left blood, sweat and more than their allocation of tears on Goldstones. It is testimony to their character that the kept their heads up when they could just as easily have done the opposite.

    My last word on honour. I sat next to the table of the oldest Collegian to attend our dinner on Friday. He matriculated in 1944. He has been out of school longer than anyone here has been alive. He has been out of school longer than some schools here have even existed. Call the integrity and honour of the school into question, with absolutely no basis in fact, and you expose more about yourself than you know.

    GB – agree with your summary of the result. On the U16 thing, Beet pointed out that big hits get celebrated often. My worry with this one was 2 fold. It carried on long after if was evident that the boy was unconscious and seriously hurt. The second is that the two involved will be playing together at GK, the mandatory concussion downtime will be over before GK starts so he should be fine. There was concern about a broken jaw, not the case fortunately. The okes all need to calm down a bit and not watch the side of S15 celebrations that have no part in SBR.

    All in all, a good day (for most of us) in the hot PMB sunshine. Well done Glenwood, I think you got the best of the results on the day, look forward to the return in June.

  63. @Stormberg Mountains: Don’t have them all

    1st – 40-44
    2nd – 22-22
    3rd – 7-14
    4th – 19-15
    5th – 12-10
    6th – 10-22
    7th – 10-12
    8th – 82-0
    9th – 55-7
    U16A – 13-15
    U15A – 20-19
    U14A – 3-19
    U14B about 36-26 or something, watched it but did not write the score down

    Hockey was a clean sweep.

  64. Oakdale teen Kwaggas
    1 e =Kwaggas 13/7
    2e = Oakdale 27/23
    3e = Oakdale 30/23
    o/16 = Oakdale = 30/22
    o/15 = Oakdale = 30/19
    o/14 = Kwaggas 14/7

  65. @Gungets Tuft: hockey clean sweep, but your 1st got a huge fright from a good Glenwood side. Heard it was only 2-1! The return fixture should be interesting….

  66. Eish – still numb and hanging like a fruit bat after yesterday. Left Goldstones at about 8:30pm last night where about 2000 people were still going strong. Sure that party went into the wee hours. Just wish I could push rewind and watch that game all over again. What a spectacle.

  67. @HORSEFLY NO.1: The PBH u/14 year group is massive and add to that a very talnted bunch a players. I heard that they have recruited 34 u/13 craven week players. Their u/14 B and C sides have locks in the excess of 1.90m!!! So for them to dominate at u/14 level is no surprise. Evidentely 3 of their 4 wins came at u/14 level. What was a surprise though was the “deja vu” experience at the u/14 A match. Grey were leading 6-0 at half-time and were dominating the match. A massive turaround led to a 46-6 defeat !?! Similar story to the Monnas match at the Kwagga week.

    @Tjoppa: Grey have never needed to “correct” an underperforming junior team at u/16 level. There are seldom u/14 & u/15 sides at Grey that go unbeaten throughout a season. What corrects their performances is the devotion of the players to improving and brilliant coaching they recieve at all age groups from A-F. There are various coaches coaching at Grey’s C & D teams that will easily coach A & B sides at different schools. Any boy with the willingness to learn and improve will do so if given the opportunity. Grey provides this in abundance!!

  68. @Grey Brak: Those of us who knows Tjoppa better, will realize that he is actually hinting or suggesting that GCB buys players in Gr 10. When he comes forth, with these snippets of “wisdom” so early in the morning, you can safely assume that he was deprived of oxygen during the night. He improves, just marginally, in the course of the day, with a rapid decline after 19:00 again. But this coming from a BB supporter, is astonishing. You only need to look at their U 18 CW squad and you should recognize half of them being from the EC, Boland and SWD.

  69. @Gungets Tuft:
    I did not say that he was paid to swing the game in College’s way. If that’s what I thought I would have said that. What I meant is that if he left his Super Rugby commitments for Old Boys’ Day then he should have been well paid to do that game. But as I said he was poor and the touch judges should have helped him with the forward passes.

  70. @Grasshopper: Near enough. Not criticizing the 1st hockey team but I think 4 or 5 of them are U16. They are great players but will need the experience that comes from playing at this level. Can’t imagine what the team will look like in 3 years. Naturally that flows down to the U16 which is slightly weaker than it might otherwise be. Watch for names like Small and Tullis to come through in hockey and cricket in the next 2 years, along with some seriously superior U14 and U15 talent this year. 2015 cricket …. Eeisch

  71. @ GreenBlooded, were you standing with Dave Munro towards the end of the game? I kept saying to Beet I’m sure that’s you.

  72. @Sir Pius: “Craig was shocking actually, College must have paid him well. He was the 15th man for College.” I can see now how Gungets Tuft mis-interpretted this – NOT!!

    The assistant referees were not in comms with Craig – how were they supposed to assist him with forward passes? They cannot flag for anything other than foul-play in law.

    Yes that was me you saw.

  73. @Gungets Tuft: Let’s see how it goes in the return fixture on Glenwood’s astro, will be interesting if we can convert a few of the closer games to wins

  74. @GreenBlooded:

    Played 26
    Glenwood won 11
    College won 14
    Drawn 1
    42% of fixtures won

    Points for: 399 ( avg 15)
    Points against: 597 (avg 23)

    So College had the better of the day, especially in the lower teams but in the return fixture Glenwood should be able to reverse this. College picked their game up in many teams for this special day and it showed, especially in the Under14A which I expected a bigger win for Glenwood. Well done to both schools for 26 games on the day and for them being mostly competitive

  75. College vs KES, just to give some perspective;
    Played: 24
    KES won 7
    College won 17
    71% win ratio

    Points for College: 603 (avg 25)
    Points for KES: 349 (avg 15)

    This shows how closely matched KES and Glenwood would be and why that fixture is far better than one against Affies or Grey Bloem where only the A teams can compete.

  76. @GreenBlooded: Craig was not paid. If he can fit it into his schedule he always comes back and refs the Pelham 1st side and then the main game on Goldstones. He was the guest speaker on Friday evening as well. As a ref you would have appreciated his speech, about handling the pressure of players like Gregan and McCaw, and handling the pressure of possibly being seen as partial at a home game for College. I will get a copy for you. Need to be selective who gets to see if, it’s a pearls and swine issue, know what I mean?

  77. @Grey Brak:
    Jeez that is a lot! Here in kzn if you have about 5 U13 CW players you are considered to have a lot so to have 30+ is just out of this world!

    Also have to congratulate College U15A for turning around a loss and a draw last year into a win this year. Great stuff ! Westville is the only U15A side with a 100% win record in kzn at the moment.

  78. @GreenBlooded: Great summary of the day.

    I was stunned at the copious quantities of alcohol which were consumed all around the field. This may (or may not) been the cause of me being verbally abused during the 1st team game.

    I was under the impression that alcohol may not be sold on school premises during sports events according to SA law – can anyone clarify?

  79. @Grasshopper:
    Definitely. But I just had to congratulate this side because last year they mustve had half of college pulling its hair out at their inconsistency.

    Right now the only blip in their results is a draw against DHS at College I think

  80. This Glenwood vs Maritzberg game should have been on tv. It was Maritzbergs Reunion day. I know Grey is the best rugby school but im really getting tired of watching them play while other more important games(im saying more important as it was their 150th reunion day) are not. Its really a shame that we couldnt watch this game as it sounds as if it was an epic game. One for the ages. Can anyone post a video of the game???Gungts-tuft, Greenblooded, Cyndi, or Beet perhaps?

  81. @CyndiAtRugby: You are spot on re the use of alcohol. At our school, the supporters’ club which had such a good year in terms of members signed as well as socials after home matches during 2012, has virtually come to a standstill !! They are not allowed to sell alcohol at all – I don’t want to get into the legal details etc.
    Nowadays after a home match only the coaches and teachers are attending the post match function and to be honest it is fairly boring not to hear the views of the parents, old boys etc

  82. @Vleis:
    Not too sure but the 14A and 15A had easy victories, 16A lost badly and 1st side had a 25-10 victory. Why?

  83. @BuffelsCM: No alcohol is sold at College on match day until after the final match. Goldstones Club has a license, but no sales till later. People were also being searched coming in but the fence is … Well … Just a fence. Stuff can be passed through. It’s a shame, the last thing we want is security guards intruding on the day but I can guarantee they will be brought in if necessary. It’s just a cost that is uneccessary if people just behave.

    Cindi – please drop me a mail to gungetstuft(at) with more detail of the abuse, it is unacceptable and can be followed up.

  84. @HORSEFLY NO.1: Just curious. Your u15A have been struggling compared to last year, so I thought that they might have recorded a morale boosting win v SCC. Was it at DHS or away?

  85. Well done Grey PE ,I only watch home games so missed this one,must say after watching Greys home games this season,thought they would lose to St Andrews by some margin,as Grey this year like most other years flatter to deceive,lets hope they have turned there year around and can now play with confidance against teams such as Paarl Gym,Grey Bloem and Boland Landbou in the months to come.Also congrats to Grey Bloem on there good win over PBH watched the game on TV ,a good advert for Schoolboys rugby in RSA.What a pity all this talent gets wasted at Super rugby level,our rugby at Super 15 level i consider to be rubbish,the brand of rugby we play and RSA coaches are totally out of date with there game plans,although i will exclude the Cheetahs and Naka Drotske from my comments,and also Alan Soloman and Matt Sexton who have done wonders with what they have at there disposal,this game yesterday was also the only game worth watching.GO GREY and GO KINGS

  86. @Vleis:
    The game was at St Charles. Well I’m sure that that and a 73-12 win vs Clifton midweek should have boosted their morale.
    I’m sure they’ll be looking to finish the season strong with Northwood,Kearsney,Hilton and MHS left this season.
    Kearsney will undoubtedly be the hardest but I’m sure the boys can pull it off.

    They haven’t been as fluent in their play or as confident as last year. Not too sure why but I guess we can only hope that that is fixed next season because they are still a high quality side.

  87. To be honest, Clifton are very weak at U15A level. At the Hilton festival they lost to both MHS and Hilton u15A by 45 to 0 in a 25 minute game (i.e. at least 90 to 0 in a full game) whereas SCC u15 were a pretty decent team. I agree that Kearsney will be your toughest fixture – for some reason, MHS 15 are underperforming of late. Good luck, it would be nice for the DHS u15A to finish with a flourish.

  88. @Vleis:
    MHS U15A are a good side but Kearsney was always better than them. Think Kearsney had an average time at the ISRF that’s why MHS seemed to be better.

    When DHS played both teams last year, it was obvious that Keardney was much better even though we beat KC 20-0 and MHS 26-0. The MHS game never got going and you had the feeling DHS could have given them 40 on another day while Kearsney was just real tough .
    Yeah that would be good. They’ve really missed their teammate whom passed away earlier. I was once told that at the Parktown U14 fest he scored 23 tries .

    I was told its a midweek fixture.

  89. @Oakdale supporter: Die Oakdalers het baie mooi gedissiplineerde rugby gespeel . Die Kwaggas was heeltemal te gerus. Teleurgesteld oor die vele geel kaarte van die dag,…maar hierdie twee vat mekaar gewoonlik ongenadiglik aan op die veld en die gemoedere en testosteroon vlakke is heeltemal te hoog vir ‘n Saterdag piekniek. Ek dink Oakdale se rankings kan maar bietjie opskuif na die groot poging om die Kwaggas te onttroon.

  90. @Gungets Tuft: Sure do. I’d love to see that. I’ve heard Craig speak at one of our referee’s society meeting. The most striking thing about him is his humility and his willingness to give something back. If you can get your hands on that footage, I’d love to see it. I find him really inspiring. I will also be getting my own copy of the match – apparently the school video club archives the games – would love to see that all over again.

  91. @ Horsefly : Heard St Charles have a quality 16A side, for a Tier 2 school. Westville were supposed to play them at Skonk got cancelled. That would’ve been a good game, seeing DHS had a bad loss

  92. @Horsefly No.1: No NW – DHS game this year. Apparently NW were keen, but DHS weren’t.

  93. @Djou: Die Kwaggas speel op die oomblik nie goeie rugby nie, wil nie nou teen een van die grotes speel nie,….. hoop ons ” fire ” weer op al die silinders soos vroeg in die seisoen,..die manne kan baie aanskoulike rugby speel met so ‘n talentvolle agterlyn,….iets is fout op die oomblik ( ‘n geweldige insinking ) ,…al gewonder of die selfvertroue te veel / of te min is ,… ek is ‘n bekommerde supporter Djou.

  94. @Predator: Pasop die erlikheid gaan die rooikat se naels diep laat inslaan. predator onthou net julle werk met kinders. Die tyd van die seisoen word almal gekontrakteur en die Craven Week is op hande, ‘n laaste kans vir die ongekontrakteerdes. Hul koppe duidelik op ander plekke waar die spanne wat bietjie afgeskeep is tov kontrakte en CW weer alles uithaal om tong uit te steek vir die Pimps. So laat ons maar na die CW weer gesels en sien wie het sonder enorme ego’s anderkant uitgestap. Dit is wat die res van die seisoen se sukses gaan bepaal.

  95. @Predator: Almal gaan deur sulke op- en affases. Belangrik egter is as ‘n span bly wen ondanks die affase.
    Deesdae word videos van opponente gemaak en ander spanne ontleed die speelstyle haarfyn en beplan hul wedstrydplanne daarvolgens. Spanne moet dus kan aanpas en verskillende patrone kan speel. Waterkloof is ‘n skitterende voorbeeld. Met Naas Botha daar is die span se taktiese skopwerk uit die boonste rakke en hulle pen hul opponente vas in hul eie gebied. Dit teenoor die “hardloop van oral spelstyl” voorheen. Die Klofies kan dus nou altwee patrone speel. Spanne wat dit kan vermag en die wedstryd kan lees om die regte styl te speel is werklik goed.

  96. @Griffon:
    Yeah I guess so. Was looking at the DHS U16A starting line-up and only 7 of the boys were in the starting line up when this team was in U14 2 years ago. This is very,very worrying to me.


    “Apparently NW were keen, but DHS weren’t.” What bulldust! I know for a fact that DHS tried its best to reschedule the fixture and was under the impression till now that they had succeeded. Well, some of those N’Wood teams can count themselves very lucky while both 1st sides should consider themselves unlucky as it wouldve been a really evenly matched game IMO

  97. @NW_Knight: Did you watch 1st team yesterday? i thought they were very one dimensional, and seem to lack fitness. Your take?

  98. @HORSEFLY NO.1: Westville have some of their best players in the 2nd side because the school seems to prefer matrics in the 1st side.
    Horsey explain this statement?

  99. @Engelsman: Totally agree. Lots of work to be done.

    @Horsey: Careful with the “facts”. In this instance, you are very wrong. DHS were not willing at all. And yes, U14 & U15 would be yours. But having watched DHS vs Clifton, I am certain that would be all you would win.

  100. @ BOG & @TJOPPA. goeie naand menere, stem saam met jou TJOPPA, ons het GREY in o/14,o/15, goed gewen en in o/16 teen nuwe gesigte en name, amper die helfte van die span te staan gekom, Grey het ons toe gewen met 3, sondre om persoonlik te raak het ek in 200? langs die Kaptein en moeder van die GREY se Kaptein gesit op die pawiljoen by GREY en vir haar meegedeel dat net 2 van ons eerste span op daardie dag nie std 6 in die skool ingekom het nie, haar seun en skrumskakel van Grey se eerstes daardie dag het gelag en gesê hulle is net 5 wat in std 6 in die skool ingekom het, die grooter gedeelte het in std 8 ingekom. Ek het op daardie dag tot die besluit gekom dat die land van die vrystaat vat op senior vlak wat Grey van die land vat op skole vlak. Die feit bly staan dat dit die beste Rugby Skool in die land is. Dit is waar dit begin en eindig. Hierdie jaar kon jy sien dat tot by die 6des Grey gekondisioneer word soos die spanne bo hulle, skop afrigting waarvan enige iemand maar net kan droom van o/14 tot eerstes. Iets om van te droom. Geluk aan Grey met jul rugby strukture.

  101. @NW_Knight:
    I don’t know about that.
    Anyway, I don’t know, think 1st would have won and DHS to win all open fixtures too.

  102. @Oom Kaspaas: née wat daar is oor genoeg goeie spelers in onder 19 groepe wat nou eers gr 11 is, ek is seker dat boishaai weereens goeie spanne in veld sal stoot

  103. @Engelsman: There were actually 4 Grade 11’s in the 1sts yesterday and 5 if you count Braithwaite who was out injured yesterday. There were also 4 G 11’s in the 2nds.
    But your point is valid. I am not sure what Horsey is on about. I don’t think any of these G11 2nd teamers are better than the guys in the 1sts.

  104. Vir my die interessante uitslae van die naweek was KES vs Monnas , Brandwag vs Framesby en St Andrews vs Grey PE. Die uitslag wat my egter dronkslaan is Eldoraigne 87 Zwartkop 0. Kan iemand vir my verduidelik hoekom Eldoraigne nie teen Affies wou speel? Is dit vir hul beter om met 87 te wen ,as om dalk met die 20 of 30 teen Top 10 span te verloor.

  105. @REF: Bietjie oor optimisties om te claim dat Grey die beste rugbyskool in die land is. Hierdie jaar se uitslae wys die teendeel. Ek dink dat die rugby talent huidiglik wyd versprei is. Die top 5 skole het almal ongelooflike talentvolle kinders. Dit lyk ook of die totale dominasie van sekere skole iets van die verlede is, wat ook ‘n goeie ding vir die ontwikkeling van die sport is, selfs ‘n baie klein unie soos SWD is baie kompeterend op die Cravenweek. Laat Grey wel ‘n top skool is met baie tradisie en prestasie geskiedenis is waar en verblydend om te sien

  106. @Tjoppa: Die hele span het provinsiale klere gekry. CW ( 12 ) en Akademie ( 8 ) en van die spelers is al laasjaar gekontrakteer ( die BULLE ), sou graag wou sien dat die WP hierdie jaar wakker skrik en die suide se talent hier probeer hou, maar almal is seker maar te gefokus dat die Stormers nie opeindig in die relegasienwedstryd nie.

  107. Watched Grey PE play St Andrews on the Lower field and must say was a bit of a anti-climax as Grey won all facits of the game SAC never looked like they were in it. This as far as i am concerned puts Grey at the top of the pile in the EC dont see anybody beating them now.

    SAC season just could come unstuck now as they travel to the REC this next weekend to play Queens which could be another loss coming there way if Queens backline click.

  108. After Grey PE i would put Marlow in second place as Brandwag fell to Framesby as there backline could not take advantage of all the ball won by there big pack, just seems to be a team that does not gel.

  109. @Predator: Predator Grey Bloem is by verre die beste rugby skool in die land. Grey se eerste span het tans dalk kompetisie van 3 of 4 skole. As jy na die uitslae van die res van Grey se spanne kyk in vergelyking met die ander groot skole is hulle myle voor die res. Om jou ‘n voorbeeld te noem gaan kyk na die wen verloor ratio van Grey se spanne teen bv Affies(wedstryde gespeel 28. Grey wen 18) en HJP(wedstryde gespeel 28. Grey wen 23) Oorweldigend in die guns van Grey Bloem. Beste Rugby skole in die land Grey Bloem gevolg deur HJP, Paul Roos, Affies en Gim, in geen spesifieke volgorde.

  110. @BoishaaiPa: Dit was great om julle ouens die naweek in Bloem te sien. Ek vermoed daar was Saterdag na die game meer Boishaai ondersteuners as GB op die dek. Wat ‘n lekker dag en uitstekende rugby – hierdie jaar het ons goed gewen, maar julle O/14 lyk onstuitbaar. Daar gaan verseker ‘n paar groot ganes oor die volgende paar jaar wees.

  111. @Sir Pius: I am by no means an expert in the game of rugby and often don’t seem to notice what others see as I am focussed on the rugby ball through a zoom lense, however, I did not notice major problems during the game. I was, in fact, quite impressed how he controlled the discipline on the field with so much going on. Admittedly there were a few things missed but until refs get given 360 vision, this is not going to change. They can only look in one direction at a time. Unfortunately the touch judges were not in communication via mikes and ear pieces during the game.
    In terms of the U16A game, there were things which can be questions but once again, most spectators had the additional advantage of being above the field of play and being able to see a lot more.

  112. @Woltrui: Die rankings is slegs vir die eerste spanne, en op die oomblik is Grey 4de gerank. As ons al die ander spanne ook in berekening bring sal dit mos nie ‘n regverdige weerspieling wees nie. Ander skole in die land het ook uitstekende spelers. Die top skole speel nie altyd as ‘n hele skool teen mekaar nie, en dit is ook nie logisties moontlik of bekostigbaar nie. Ek sal dan eerder volstaan dat wou nou op die scoreboard is , is al wat tel. Volgende jaar seker weer ‘n ander volgorde,…Kwaggas dalk weer top ( ek hoop so ). Ons sal die argument kan debateer tot vervelens toe en nooit by ‘n oplossing kom nie. Wat ek weet, en dis ‘n feit, is dat die top 4 baie na aan mekaar is, en dat selfs die hop van die bal ‘n uitslag kan beinvloed. Dis gesond en lekker om te kyk, wens eintlik dat die TV media al die games wil uitsaai, dis amper meer exciting as die Super 15.

  113. @REF: Nie heeltemal seker waar jy jou inligting oor die O14s en O15s gekry het nie , maar die tellings was onderskeidelik 13-3 en 31-17 in Grey se guns. Met die O16s, het Affies met een punt gewen. Dit is ook onregverdig om een jaar uit te sonder deur aan te voer dat slegs twee vd spelers van Gr 8 op Grey was. Ek kan dit weerle deur te verwys na daardie besondere span van 2007 waar ek dink, 7 spelers, nie net van Gr8 op Grey was nie, maar van Gr 1 !! Dit is ook n ontkenning van die prestasies van Grey se laerskool. Toevallig het hierdie werf (Vra vir Beet) n lys van S15 spelers hier getoon en Grey laer het die meeste spelers van een skool, bygedra. Dit weerspreek TOTAAL wat jy aanvoer. Dat daar uitsonderings kan wees, is seker so.@Predator: Ek dink as n skool 8 uit 10 jaar gereken word as die top rugbyspan, het hy seker die reg om sekere aansprake te maak. Inteendeel, daar is diegene wie aanvoer dat dit die beste rugbyskool ter wereld is.@Woltrui: Jou steun is onverwags. Ek sal hard probeer om nooit weer vir jou Wolboudjies te noem nie. Laat weet as ek vir jou n OG trui kan stuur- sonder jukpoeier in :mrgreen:

  114. Well done to SACS for their win over Stellenberg. Pity the defense fell apart the last 10 minutes. Saw with their game last week already their defense is not the strong part of their game. Coaches have lots of work to do there.

    Very happy to see the u14 side still unbeaten. Will have to keep that squad together and hopefully in 4 years time we can compete for top honours.

  115. Het nie die chat gevolg oor die top rugby skool nie, maar as iemand dink GCB is nie die top skool dan is jy obviously bias. Om jaar na jaar top of top 3 te wees oor die laaste x jare moet jou die beste rugby skool maak.

  116. Not sure if comments on Craig Joubert are fair – I think he did OK

    However Did any of the greenies notice Craigs’ Kit ?

    Red , Black and white – but , IMO as an afterthought a spalsh of Green on the one sleeve
    just so that no one can point fingers about being biased

  117. @OudUppie: Ons kuier altyd lekker daar op die dek..Janee…dit gebeur maar elke keer as ons daar bo is want ons het mos nou nie huise of vrouens om na terug te keer na die game nie en die wie se vrouens saam was in in elk geval ook oppie dek!..Ek is bly oor die 0/14 wen , maar lees nie te veel daarin nie…Op gemiddeld speel daar maar 5 o/14A spelers in hulle matriekjaar 1ste span..die outjies verander baie, maar die poel van talent is darem daar.

  118. @CharlesZA: Congrats to the u/14’s, they have now extended their unbeaten run to 10 games and I was once again impressed with their maturity on the field, obviously a talented and well coached side. The 1st team also impressed in a very exciting game and but for a untimely injury and a few points left on the field, could have pulled off another surprise. SACS finished the stronger team though and ended as deserved winners. For SACS their 8th man played a brilliant game, while Roode (12) has a strong game for Stellies.

  119. Greenblooded

    a question for you – my son played in one of the open team matches against MC on Saturday

    he did a strange thing – he picked up a MC player who had the ball (the lightie is freakishly strong) – carried the MC bloke -( a forward ) 10- 12 meters (sort of half over his shoulder) and was stopped when he ran into other MC fowards
    he then put the guy down feet first then flattened him – he told me afterwards he didn’t want to spear tackle him

    your views on this please

  120. @BOG: Bog Ref se verwysing na Grey se 0/14’s en ’15 het betrekking:
    Hy verwys nie na die jaar se uitslae. Oor die algemeen is Affies kompeterend op die laer vlakke met Grey. Waar Affies se spanne van 0/14 tot eerste span egter min of meer die selfde bly verskil Grey se spanne baie.

  121. @ploeg Couple of my friends attended the game and said Stellies team was out on their feet the last 10. Also mention again of the players being very chirpy on the field. Maybe mention to Duppie if you speak to him.

  122. @Greenwood: The “Spear Tackle” is covered by Law 10.4.j which states:

    “Lifting a player from the ground and dropping or driving that player into the ground whilst
    that player’s feet are still off the ground such that the player’s head and/or upper body come
    into contact with the ground is dangerous play.
    Sanction: Penalty kick”

    The IRB issued a directive to all unions in 2009 to elevate the spear tackle to a mandatory red card offence. This includes where the player is ‘driven’ into the ground or ‘dropped’ to the ground with no regard for his safety.

    If the players feet were on the ground when he was tackled – it is fine. The is nothing in law which prevents a player from picking up a player in possession of the ball and carrying him although I do wonder what the objective would be in such a move.

  123. @CharlesZA: I thought the game was played in quite a good spirit and the Stellies players just gave as good as they received from the SACS boys. To be honest, I was more distracted by the moaning and comments on the reffing by a few SACS supporters (sat with a SACS parent), which was rich considering what had been dished out to one specific team at SACS earlier this season.

  124. @jakes: Goeie uitslag vir EG. ek dink daai Gim spannetjie gaan nog ‘n paar spanne skrik maak hierdie jaar. Dit is maar die eerste jaar wat die skool as een skool bestaan, en hulle is klaar kompeterend in die Valke Makro Liga.

  125. @GreenBlooded: Saw it happen once (many years ago). Mate of mine tried to get clever and run round to dot down under the poles. One guy grabbed hold of him, managed to get a good grip and picked him up and carried him about 5m over the dead ball line. He never lived it down.

  126. After Brandwag loosing to Framesby I would love to see their position on the top 20 , or wherever, this week. I questioned this position last week already. Was not the most spectacular game and although they do have a big strong pack they cant seem to build on the go forward created by this.

  127. @Ploegskaar: Unfortunately you get them at all schools – I thought the ref did a good enough job – he was consistent and that’s all you can ask for.
    The match was played in good spirits & I too was very nervous with 20 minutes to go but it seems that the SACS boy’s dug deep and kept going till the final whistle – your 12 & 13 are very good! Your U14 team is very impressive – let’s hope you can keep them to matric. Also your facilities are really tops – including first aid – top class!

  128. @Mike: Well done to Grey PE – let’s hope they can keep it going – how many grey guys are there in the EP craven week side – and will they be coming to Cape Schools Week?

  129. Goeie oorwinning vir die Tiere. Moet sê daai 7-flank van De Kuilen is ‘n yster.

  130. @Ludz: Yeah I was there.The Kingswood team didn’t look look like they were interested in that game at all

  131. @Greenwood – Agree with Greenblooded – picking up a played and running with him – no problem – he played to the rule by putting him down feet first :) Not a common option – but within the rules.

    At Craig Joubert’s kit – actually that is KZN Refs kit – and the one sleeve was green not black – so Red white and Green – :) I wondered the same thing. I thought the fact that he gave a straight red card to the home player was a great sign of a great ref – not even a consideration of a yellow.
    and this in an incident that did not appear malicious or overtly pre-meditated – but a desperation tackle after a great break by glenwood -pure heat of the moment IMO – and the remorse in the player was also fairly obvious as he walked off with shoulders slumped. thought that would send the game into a downward spiral – but i was glad to be proven wrong by all involved.

  132. @Dave: There is a big problem between the Brandwag forwards and backs and if they cannot sort this out expect them to lose more games.

  133. @sacssupporter: Agreed, and those supporters do nothing to detract from my high opinion of SACS in any event. RE 1st teams also thought 12 had a good game, but 13 should play lock IMO, tallest player on the field at 13 does not work for me! Hope your 7 flank is ok, he went off with an eye-injury that looked quite bad. Impressed with your 11 as well and thought Anton’s boy had a good game. All the best for Saturday.

  134. @ Valke- Jy is reg.. Vereening gym is nou nuwe skool,samesmelting tussen HTS Vereeniging en HS Vereening . HTS Vereeniging was natuurlik in die 90’s een van die top rugby skole in die Noordvaal en selfs een jaar in Beeld trofee finaal gespeel teen Affies. Hulle nommers het heelwat minder geraak en sodoende die samesmelting tussen die twee. Ek verwag dat hulle EG Jansen en Kempton park se nuwe groot teenstanders in die Valke liga gaan wees en groot gaan raak in Noordvaal.

  135. Dit is `n skande dat `n skool soos Transvalia die sisteem misbruik deur steeds groot skole te speel. Hulle behoort ook teen EG Jansen, Kempton en Vereenging Gimnasium te speel in die liga vir makroskole. Weet nie hoe hulle dit regkry om nie op te skuif nie.

  136. @Boats: Want die telling sou waarskynlik naby aan 50-0 vir Affies gewees het. Wys net hoe groot die verskil tussen Affies en Zwartkop dan is. Ek weet dit is nie ‘n goeie barometer nie, maar Menlo het vir Eldoraigne redelik ver gewen en Garsies het Menlo oorrompel. Garsies, Kloof en Affies is weer redelik naby aan mekaar, wat ‘n aanduiding verskaf dat Affies baie ver kon wen. En wat is die sin dan daarin?

  137. @jakes: What happens to the technical students when 2 schools merge like that. Do they close down the technical school or offer both? If the latter I wonder how many other schools there are around SA that offer both normal high school and technical school subjects :?: :?: :?:

  138. @Predator: Jy is reg, Predator. Dit was ‘n taai wedstryd en ‘n baie lekker dag. Wat my opgewonde maak is die 2e span en onder 16A wat so goed doen vir Oakdale die jaar. Albei spanne het ook laasweek met Boishaai afgereken.

  139. @ Beet- yes they offer the technical field and academical field combined. So boys can still choose two technical subjects(usually technical drawings plus one specialist field), combined with maths and science and then all the other. There are more and more schools that follow this route. Another Valke school who are on the uprise is HS Die Arend who are allready playing in the macro schools league( combination of HTS Brakpan and Hoogland)

  140. @jakes: Thanks. Thats quite interesting to know. The other thing I wanted to find out is do the HTS’s and Landbous offer the same subjects. The Cape seems to have landbou schools but the name is not common in Noordvaal yet there are probably just as many if not more farmers around the platteland?

  141. @beet: Subjects at Agricultural schools differ a bit from the norm, see the subject choices for Boland Gr. 10 – 12 learner below:
    1. Afrikaans Huistaal
    2. English First Additional language
    3. Lewensoriëntering
    4. Wiskunde of Wiskunde geletterdheid
    5. Rekeningkunde of Lewenswetenskap of Landboubestuurspraktyke
    6. Fisiese Wetenskap of Geografie of Besigheidstudies
    7. Landbouwetenskap of Landboutegnologie

  142. @Ploegskaar: Daardie “wiskunde geletterdheid” is eintlik “somme”. Dit is net voldoende om n klein trop skape tel of om te sien of die omkoopgeld in die rekening inbetaal is. Maar di nie net by die landbouskole nie, maar oral.

  143. @Lindenpa: As ek reg verstaan bat Transvalia bietjie bokant sy vermoe. Getalle is die deurslaggewende faktor as ek die stelsel reg verstaan.

  144. @Djou: Ek hoor wat jy sê Djou, maar wat gaan Eldoraigne dan doen as hul Garsies of Kloof in Beeld moet speel? Ook kanseleer :?:

  145. @BOG: In die Vrystaat ‘n abakus verkieslik want die middelvinger mos altyd op soek na diamante. Dus tel met een hand en delf met die ander? Die geskiedenis sal wys dit is onmoontlik.

  146. @Tjoppa: Nee, die Tranvalers , die hensoppers, was ingevoer om die handearbeid en grouwerk te verrig. Dus nooit opgemerk nie, maar as jy so se, wie is ek om te stry. Wanneer is jy terug Tshwane toe?

  147. @BOG: Was nog noot weg van Tswanepoel nie Bog. Net vir sulke heen en weertjies na die onheilighede van ander provinsies. Ook net as dit moet. Die ou gestel nie meer wat dit was nie.

  148. @sacssupporter: there are 8 all in all in the CW side I think. And they play boland landbou, Paarl Gim and SACS if not mistaken, so they will bring the strongest team they can I assume.

  149. @Lindenpa: Stem saam. Hulle hoort in makro skole. So ook Hugenote ( Gauteng ). Beslis groot en sterk genoeg om daar te speel.
    Sal net valke rugby sterker maak.

  150. Mike and Sacsupporter there are 9 Grey players in the Craven week squad
    Stephan Ebersohn lock
    Martin Groenewald lock / 8th man
    Setepho Pakomela lock / 8th man
    Cyrel-John Velleman Flank and Captain
    Bathandwa Cafu Flank / 8th man
    Mathew Alborough scrum half
    Jeremy Ward centre
    Dylen Vermaak wing
    Keanu Vers wing / fullback
    My opinion there should have been two more in Mathew Howes and Joshua Mudrovic both front row,but they werent even invited to trials,cant see them beeb overage as both are in grade 11

  151. @Tjoppa : Dit is korrek dat dit met getalle te doen het, maar as jy elke jaar sorg dat jy `n paar seuns minder inskryf as wat nodig is om op te skuif, dan misbruik jy die sisteem.

    As ek reg is werk dit so: Minder as 350 seuns, medium skole. Tussen 350 – 500 seuns, groot skole. Meer as 500 seuns, makro skole.

  152. @ Ploeg: Boet, jy is mos besig om die mense ‘n rat voor die oë te draai met al daai byvakke wat jy noem. :mrgreen:

  153. @Lindenpa: Jy is min of meer correk. Soos ek dit verstaan,is daar vier kategorieë, gebaseer op die aantal seuns in die skool:

    Kategorie = Studente
    – Macro = meer as 600
    – Groot = 351 – 599
    – Medium = 176 – 350
    – Klein = minder as 176

    Daar is omtrent 20 Macro skole, 70 Groot skole, 66 Medium skole en 68 Klein skole. Skole kan, indien hulle wil, speel in ‘n hoër kategorie, maar nie laer nie.

  154. @Oakdale supporter: Ek het julle Akkerfees bygewoon net vir die rugby,…nog altyd baie respek gehad vir die prestasies van Oakdale teenoor die groot kanonne. Hulle het Outeniqua ‘n goeie rugby les geleer Saterdag. Hulle moet baie hoer op wees in die rankings met die goeie vertoning Saterdag

  155. @Kingcharles: Agree with you those front row boys i would have put them in as well by them putting in the Brandwag boys i think all they are looking for is size.

    Who do Grey play this weekend.

  156. @Ploegskaar: He is having an op on his eye this morning – we are hoping it is not too serious – accidents happen – it was evidently a hand-off that went wrong.

  157. @Engelsman: Matrics get preference in both 1st and second sides at Westville . This has changed a little bit recently due to injuries . The current 3rd side is basically the very impressive U16 side from last year . As they did not have a game on Saturday a whole bunch of them came on early in the second half against Northwood and the std of rugby improved so go figure that one out. Set pieces were superb and apart from one silly mistake that lead to the last try the youngsters certainly showed how to play good structured rugby.

  158. @Predator: Nie waar nie in die TUKS Nupower reeks het hulle wel meegeding in die makro afdeling as ek dit nie verkeerd het nie. Wel beslis so in 2012. Miskien is die rede hiervoor te vind in die onderskeie kompetisies se reels te vind.

  159. @rugbyfan: They playing St Andrew,s hopefully it will be the slaughter of the “snobs” weekend.

    But agree which Queens team pitches is a like a lottery.

  160. @Boats: Goeie vraag. Hulle sal seker moet speel aangesien dit ‘n kompetisie is.

  161. I see that DHS vs Kearsney this weekend is a classic clash. Is it televised?

  162. @Lindenpa: @Tjoppa: Transvalia het vanjaar ‘n baie goeie eerste span. Hulle het twee jaar gelede as 0.16’s net-net teen Outeniqua verloor op die Paarl Gim-week. En ons weet wat Outeniqua die jaar as span vermag het. Weet egter nie of hulle meer of minder as 600 seuns het nie, maar hulle het sowat 1100 leerders.

  163. @Djou: Maak asseblief seker van jou feite. 1 seuns kan die skaal swaai. :mrgreen:
    Interessant in die Bloubul Limpopo streek word die ligas bepaal deur slegs die wit seuns te tel. Swart seuns speel blykbaar net sokker en kaart. Lei tot groot ongelukkigheid daar.

  164. @Tjoppa: Transvalia het nie 600 seuns nie, en hoef daarom nie makro skole te speel nie.
    Nu-Power het nie “makro” liga nie. Dit is ‘n toernooi vir 16 goeie skole, ongeag getalle. Transvalia vaar gewoonlik baie goed daar.
    ‘n Skool mag wel in ‘n groter liga speel as hy wil. Transvalia verkies om dit nie te doen nie. Hugenote verkies ook om dit nie te doen nie, alhoewel ek verstaan hulle net 17 seuns kort vir 600. Hulle verkies om hulle seuns so by die 580 te hou, en sodoende onder te speel en die kleintjies te boelie.
    EG Jansen het ook nie 600 seuns nie, maar verkies om gemeet te word teen die beste spanne en daarom verkies hulle die Makro liga.

  165. @Tjoppa: Het met ‘n ouer van Transvalia gepraat – hy vermoed die seun/dogterverhouding is 50/50. Eish, hoe kry die Limpopo-manne dit reg? Ek kan verstaan dat indien die oorgrote deel van die seuns nie rugby speel nie, maar sokker “en kaart”, dan kan dit die getalle skeef trek. Net so egter speel waarskynlik 30% van seuns in ander gemengde skole (bv. Menlopark) rugby. Moontlik, en ek spekuleer, het die ander skole in Limpopo nie dieselfde probleme as BV nie.

  166. @valke: So niemand oortree die reels nie en die belangrikheid om deel te neem aan superliga nie so belangrik vir almal nie. Miskien moet weer terug gegaan word na verpligte promosie/relegasie wedstryde soos van ouds. MAW top ses spanne speel superliga ens ens ens. Vir elke reel sal daar tien maniere wees om dit te misbruik en/of buig. ONGELUKKIG

  167. @Djou: Hoor net die Limpopo skole misbruik weer die stelsel want koop bestes 15 swart spelers met min wit kinders en siedaar wenner van die kleiner ligas. Soveel dae soveel dinge ne.

  168. @Tjoppa: Stem saam. So tipe stelsel kan baie goed werk. Die laerskole in ons streek werk so, en dit lyk of dit nie te sleg werk nie.

  169. With all the shenanigans re size of a school, I think that they should do away with size and simply have four divisions based on ability. Teams that improve will get promoted and teams that decline will get demoted. That way, it will be seen as positive to move up a division – i.e. a school would rather be called a division 1 team than a division 2 team. Now they can simply say that they are a large school, rather than a Macro school.

  170. @Westers:
    I don’t think so but that doesn’t matter. Just checked btw and it isn’t.

    As I was saying, since its the FNB Classic Clashes and nnot Interschools…the strength of the two schools really doesn’t matter too much.

    But I’m more interested in WHY its a classic clash? I’ve only come up with the conclusion that DHS usually picks it game up for Kearsney games

  171. @Westers: depends on how you view who should or shouldn’t get coverage or on what basis it is screened. Entertainment value – possibly, big derby game – no, close encounter of evenly matched sides – no. It should be a good display of Kearsney’s skills.

  172. @Scrum Doctor: my question is name the grade 11 boys in 2nd that are better than grade 12 boys in 1st team. Both 1st team locks are grade 11, srumhalf and left wing. The thing is 1 lock, scum half and a wing in 2nds are grade 11…………… who is pushing who, the grade 11 are pushing their own grade??. Horselfly says there are better grade 11 in 2nd’s than grade 12 in 1sts………??? Explain

  173. @McCulleys Workshop: Classic Clash …. copied from thr website. It is not always about TV coverage but seems to be more about sponsoring rugby and netball.

    The FNB Classic Clashes concept was developed in 2001. It was created to run in the same period as the annual school rugby clashes. FNB supports these games by allowing schools to promote themselves, while providing a day of entertainment for spectators.

    FNB looked to steer sponsorship to further enhance these games by exposing raw talent and evoking a sense of pride in the children through sponsored gear. This has further inspired the participants to give their best and provide all watching with lasting memories.

    FNB Classic Clashes focuses on the areas of rugby and netball, documenting some of the country’s oldest rivalries in school sport. The FNB Classic Clashes also give children the chance to travel and discover the country.

    FNB was keen to extend this concept to include schools that represent various communities that played a good game and were highly competitive.

    FNB Classic Clashes has given school sport a whole new meaning, and the sponsorship hopes to inspire a new generation of stars to keep South Africa entertained for years to come.

    For more information regarding the FNB Classic Clashes, please visit:

  174. @Scrum Doctor: Not really true. The Northwood 2nds were pretty weak so bringing on fresh legs would always have had that effect. When they had to make changes they were bringing on 3rd team players who had shipped 60 points against Westville 4ths.
    Also, most of the guys that came off for the 2nds were guys who were benching for 1sts. Are you suggesting there are G 11 players in the 3rds who should be in the 1sts?

  175. I too hope they pick up their game. But as long as its a good day of rugby with some close fixtures, some of the games should be quite close between the two schools.

    DHS will honestly have to man up and not be man-handled by the big Kearsney forwards .


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