Wildeklawer 2013 – full rugby fixture list

07h50 A 1 EG Jansen Noord-Kaap
09h00 A 2 Glenwood Boland Landbou
10h10 A 3 Drostdy Monnas
10h10 B 2 Affies Framesby
11h20 A 4 Grey College Oakdale
11h20 B 3 Sharks Inv HJS Paarl BH
12h30 A 5 Diamantveld Grey High
13h40 A 6 Paarl Gim Wildeklawer
14h50 A 7 M.College Paul Roos
16h00 A 8 Outeniqua Waterkloof
07h50 A 1 Oakdale Sharks Inv
09h00 A 2 Waterkloof Paarl Gim
10h10 A 3 Diamantveld EG Jansen
10h10 B 2 Grey High Outeniqua
11h20 A 4 Glenwood HJS Paarl BH
11h20 B 3 Wildeklawer HTS Drostdy
12h30 A 5 Boland Landbou Noord-Kaap
13h40 A 6 Affies Paul Roos
14h50 A 7 Monnas Grey College
16h00 A 8 M.College Framesby
07h50 B 1 Affies u/16 HTS Middelburg u/16
09h00 B 2 Framesby u/16 Monnas u/16
12h30 B 5 Glenwood u/16 Kempton Park u/16
09h00 B 1 Glenwood u/16 Monnas u/16
12h30 B 4 Kempton Park u/16 Affies u/16
14h40 B 5 HTS Middelburg u/16 Framesby u/16
08h00 C 1 Kempton Park u/14 Glenwood u/14
09h00 C 2 Monnas u/14 Framesby u / 14
10h00 C 3 HTS Middelburg u/14 Affies u/14
11h00 C 4 Kempton Park u/15 Glenwood u/15
12h00 C 5 Oakdale u/15 Monnas u/15
13h00 C 6 Affies u/15 Framesby u/15
08h00 C 1 HTS Middelburg u/14 Framesby u/14
09h00 C 2 Kempton Park u/14 Affies u/14
10h00 C 3 Glenwood u/14 Monnas u/14
11h00 C 4 Kempton Park u/15 Affies u/15
12h00 C 5 Glenwood u/15 Monnas u/15
13h00 C 6 M.College u/15 Framesby u/15


  1. I cannot help thinking that we have a few “mis-matches” here. Oh well, that is why its called a “festival”. :?: Should still be good, typical SBR.

  2. Outeniqua vs Waterkloof the pick of the matches. Looking forward to the Boland Landbou vs Glenwood game as that should be evenly matched. Oakde seem an enigma this year, how are they looking?

  3. @Queenian: do you know their results so far? Their junior sides are always tough! At under14 level the Glenwood vs Menlopark game will be very tough!

  4. @Grasshopper: I know a Oakdale OB well who lives here in PE will get all there results from him he follows there rugby closely.

    Tell me what are Glenwood Under 13A like any idea my son will be playing against them in Pretoria on the 22nd June

  5. @Queenian: Glenwood high school don’t have an under13 side, so you might be referring to Glenwood Prep instead. Not sure about Glenwood Prep but they are usually 2nd in strength in Durban to DPHS. Glenwood under14a though seem pretty strong as have beaten most local sides convincingly this year to date. Menlo is another kettle of fish….

  6. At U16 level Glenwood played Oakdale in pouring rain during the Paarl Gim tournament. Oakdale won 13-12. It will be an interesting rematch.

    @Grasshopper: Menlo?? GW U14 are playing Kempton Park and Oakdale?

  7. @CyndiAtRugby: Kempies u/16 is a tough outfit, only loss for Boland u/16 this season (17-22). Pity Boishaai’s u/14 team is not at WK, a game against GW u/14 would probably have matched 2 of the better, if not best, u/14 sides in the country.

  8. These fixtures are wrong, i have e-mailed Beet the final set of fixtures and hopefully he can rectify these sharpish.

  9. @GimOB: Pretty sure the Sharks team has been settled. I know that Lithuanian (??) centre from Northwood is in – perhaps NW-Knight will have some info about the full team?

  10. @TJ: Thanks TJ.

    It seems like there was a rescheduling of the u14-u16 games with some schools dropping out

  11. If EG Jansen keeps on playing the brilliant rugby they played against Monument on Saturday, I see a difficult time for the two Kimberley schools, Noord Kaap and Diamantveld. Good luck to the guys.

  12. @jakes: Jakes EG het regtig ‘n mooi span. As ek na die kwaliteit van EG kyk dink ek hulle is ongelukkig om nie in die finaal van die Nu Power te speel nie. Telling van 32 – 18 het Monnas dalk bietjie gevlei. EG het 1 baie sagte verdoelde drie afgestaan. Nie veel spanne in die Noordvaal gaan by hulle kersvashou

  13. @ Woltrui- ja ‘n “soft try” op die einde deur Monnas het die telling bietjie gevlei. EG bietjie konsentrasie verloor want die game was so diep in die sakkie dink ek:) daar is wel twee harde weke voor vir EG. Wldeklawer en dan Garsfontein ‘n week later. Kom ons hoop als gaan goed..Dis jammer Affies/EG jansen sal nie die jaar plaasvind nie..

  14. I can find no TV time scheduled on Supersport for any live Wildeklawer games on Saturday. Perhaps they will tape the games and broadcast it on another day.

  15. Do believe that Wilderklawer should be the best 2 teams from each area which seams to be quite close but i see know teams from Border but that invite Framesby from PE who are not that great.

  16. I have no idea how strong GW u/14 team is this year. If they are as strong as mentioned above their game against Monnas will be a thriller as Monnas only lost this year was against Boishaai 5 – 0.

  17. @Queenian: Framesby was strong in 2008 when they started with WK. They obviously signed a 3 year contract again. I would like to see Grey PE/Selborne/Queens/St Andrews/Dale at WK to represent EP border. They will consistantly be good over years. They can easily accomodate another two teams in place of the invitational XV’s.

  18. @Queenian: Glenwood prep have a very good 12 ….whom sometimes floats between 8 and 12 …..they are not very well coached in my opinion ….but have some good individuals ……just watch their 12 ….very solid and fast !

  19. @Grasshopper: Didn’t GWP play Highbury this weekend?

    That might give an idea of relative strength, alothough I am not sure how strong Highbury is right now. They seem to vary from hot to cold, never warm.

  20. @Gungets Tuft: Highbury dont look to good , i believe that took a hiding from highbury …….the DPHS team are again head and shoulders above all the other local schools ….Gwood prep may offer some resistance but should end up taking 30 from DPHS….better coaching , structures and commitment from 1 to 15 ……

  21. Framesby were invited from 2008 and built up to an excellent team last year and I assume based on that they were invited again. Unfortunately they have lost the bulk of last years team are struggling. They have a huge task at hand in this tournament. Grey PE in my opinion will carry the flag for East Cape this year.

  22. Wow- Waterkloof have a tough assignment at this tournament- Outeniqua and Paarl Gim 03 days apart. Not a bit too much expected??

  23. @Queenian: What festival is this that your son is going to in Pretoria and what schools will be there.

    Is your son not Under12 ?

  24. @BoishaaiPa: That they are Oakdale has always had strong forwards maybe rugbyfan is counting on JJS to add some muscle to the GCB team. :lol:

  25. @Hooit: Blykbaar speel Monnas 0/14 teen Eldoraign in die finaal. Monnas het HTS Middelburg se 0/14 iets soos 38 – 5 geklop. 8-O

  26. @Gungets Tuft: Ja , i think Highbury won all the age group A games …..just at 1st team level they got pumped ….the highbury u11a side is probably the strongest in the local league …….Gwood prep normally have very average teams leading up to opens …then they recruit a bus full of developement kids in grade 7…..making their 1st team fairly good….

  27. @Queenian: Yeah they are a force that has come from out the blue this year, always been hovering, but never quite there until now.

  28. @beet: Now I’m very confused about the fixtures … Monnas U16s are playing two games on the same day (Glenwood and Framesby on the Saturday).

    @Ploegskaar: After watching Boland Landbou at Kearsney and speaking to some of the parents and coaches, I have huge respect for these boys. My son has played the junior teams twice and also speaks well of the teams. I look forward to seeing more of them in action.

  29. @oldschool: And they no doubt wonder why they need to keep on buying a decent team at U13. Eeisch, the unintended consequences of buying “success in a bottle” at 1st team level. I have waxed lyrical about it, will let it rest, except to state my view. There is nothing like sustainable development of boys from the ground up. Durban schools have it set up for them. They can recruit fromn their feeders, bring in almost whole teams that have been playing together for years. College gets some good kids, but from far and wide and spend 2 years building the teams, their understanding of each other and play patterns. Thats why you get great temas like House had last year, Kearsney the last 2 or three, Glenwood up till last year.

    See a team underperform, even if they have individual talent – then examine their recruiting.

  30. @Gungets Tuft: Hope you organize some decent refs for this thing, hey, don’t want a repeat of you know what at you know where. Travel and accommodation is expensive enough as it is, and at the very least these boys from the small agricultural school deserve a fair game and respect every time they take the field.

  31. @Gungets Tuft: More importantly, will Beet have a clear view of the rugby from the beer tent. And do you have MTN, Cell C and Eighta on standby in case his Vodacom signal plays up?

  32. @Woltrui: Ja dit is vir die Nu Power finaal. Ons sou net graag teen Affies wou speel by Wildeklawer aangesien die o/14 n baie goeie span is en ons speel Glenwood in Glenwood later die jaar. Maar soos ek verstaan van die Kwagga rugby week in Outeniqua wil van die groter spanne nie teen ons speel nie.

  33. Affies se 0/14 het 38 – 5 verloor teen Paarl BH. Monnas se 0/14’s blykbaar slegs 5 nul teen dieselfde span. Dink julle sal ons vou. Ek hoor julle 0/14’s is verwoestend.

  34. @Ploegskaar: This is College you are talking about.

    Honest – Integrity – Courage – Self-Discipline – Commitment – Respect

    Expect nothing less.

  35. @BOG: I doubt there will be a beer tent until after the rugby is finished for the day. Anyone wanting to pot will have to go over the road to the Bowls club. I don’t know about the reception there – I think there is interference from all the hearing-aids daarso.

  36. @rugbyfan: Waterkloof easy? There is a lot of easy things in Waterkloof but their 1st 15 not in your life.
    But is the “big” schools not wagging the dog. Only Waterkloof vs Grey, Waterkloof vs Kwaggas, Grey vs Monnas and maybe Affies vs Paul Roos that can be classified as “big” games. Not taking away from the other schools but I am missing a few traditional games like Affies vs Paarl Gym/Boishaai.
    Just a thought.

  37. @BOG: The best I can offer is the gumboot dancing squad. We can use them to kick Beet’s backside and the drums to send a message to a high site at Worlds View. There the Scouts will take over and send up smoke signals which can be seen from all directions.

    Failing that the very best is a 400m specialist who can run between the ground and the bowls club and get the scores to Beet

  38. Goldstones Club (under the main grandstand) may well have a few beers on sale throiughout the day.

  39. @Gungets Tuft: Expect nothing less, but the boys have been fed a panty liner once up there and once down here this season, and with playing a KZN school once again I am understandably nervous. Just a fair game bud, nothing else.

  40. @Gungets Tuft: You have a gumboot dancing squad” Serious? GCB really have one and they perform quite extensively.@Rugger fan: That “under the stand” remark sounds too much like “no signal” to me. Im also a bit concerned. From what I have picked up here, Beet will be quite comfortabe at the Bowls club. What you folks are saying, is that we should not expect too much in the way of feedback.

  41. @BOG: You seem very capable with using modern technology, so best you get a twitter account and follow a few other guys like rugby15, schoolrugbyscores and HSSM just in case beet gets distracted. Most schools (GCB included) and M’burg hosting in this case provide fast, efficient updates, that are not subject to booze, babes or bong.

  42. @Ploegskaar: @MaritzCollege is the twitter account to follow for Wildeklawer.

    Depending on who is gerphingapoken daarso it might also become unreliable once they join their good mate Beet down at the bowls club. Just saying …

    You might convince the good folk at @Pro3Agencies to send an update or two. Believe they might just have a stand at the festival, good Dale man that he is (when the Red-Black-White is not playing)

  43. @Tjoppa: Moet my asb. nie misverstaan nie, dis juis omdat ek weet hoe talentvol hierdie groep is, dat ek hulle verlore, GCB uitgesluit so vreemd vind. As hulle elke wedstryd vir 50-60 minute speel, sal hulle goed doen, maar 20 goeie minute gaan jou nerens teen die topskole bring nie. Tog, as ek eerlik is, is ek stilweg optimisties oor die res van die seisoen na wat ek teen Wynberg gesien het.

  44. @Gungets Tuft: Thanks for the heads-up, will keep an eye out, and fortunately have a few BL insiders that provide me with score updates and match reports. I have eyes, everywhere……

  45. @Gungets Tuft: Highbury U10A drew 15-15 with GWP despite being by far the better team. I’ll leave it at that due to my policy of never having a go at referees.

  46. @oldschool: Yup – prompting at least one Grade 6 1st team kid I know of to leave GWP for Clifton a few weeks ago. Not cool.

  47. @Ploegskaar: The referees for the 1st team fixtures will be SARU appoinments from the National Contenders panel – basically the same quality as Kearsney. The refs for the junior games will come from Midlands Society and may feature yours truely. I’ll know at 2am when the appointments come through…… :mrgreen: :roll:

  48. @Gungets Tuft: There was indeed a beer tent at the Skonk Festival – open from about 10am if I’m not mistaken – right in front of the Kent Pavillion. So Beet will indeed have a good view of the field. If there is Wi-Fi in the Goldstones Club he can hook up and will have no excuse.

    I’ll be there all day on both days. I’ll post what I can when I don’t have a whistle in my hand.

  49. Waterkloof het ‘n baie rowwe naweek wat voorle – ek dink dit is net 2 hekkies te hoog vir Klofies, MAAR op die dag kan enige ding gebeur. Beserings aan sleutelspelers kan sake lelik omkrap.

  50. Waterkloof het die afgelope 3 jaar die taaiste wedstryde met WK. Dis so asof die organiseerders hulle vir die wolwe gooi. Maar nou ja, daai uitnodigingspan is mos Pta se nr 1 en hulle se mos if you want to be the best you must beat the best.

    Teen wie speel julle nou weer?

  51. @Speartackle – stem saam oor die beat the best gedeelte! Brei bietjie uit oor jou uitnodigingspan?

  52. @Spear: Van die 23 wat Wildeklawer toe gaan is 20 van graad 8 af in die skool , 2 van graad 9 en 1 graad 11. Ek dink min van die ander deelnemers kan dieselfde se!

  53. @GreenBlooded: I prefer not to look at refs from any perspective, if they are good enough you don’t even notice them (Kaplan at school’s matches case in point). This is the case when they are consistent (for both sides), allow as much advantage as possible (for both sides) and don’t influence the momentum and/or outcome of a game (for both sides), which will ensure that the strongest side wins, no matter what is at stake, where the game is played or if it is a runaway score (its not your job to keep the scoreline low). Simple, really.

  54. @Ploegskaar: Yeah yeah yeah. We all know that. Unfortuantely there are not an abundant supply of Kaplans, Jouberts and Berrys around to ref every school match every weekend. So we have to live with what we have – i.e. falable humans who make mistakes.

    Supporters are strange creatures – they have a very one-sided view of a referee’s performance and his first error against the team of choice earns him the ‘kak ref’ tag while the same supporter is blissfully unaware of the errors he made against the other team.

    Not sure what you mean by “it’s not your job to keep the scoreline low). Please explain?

  55. @GreenBlooded: I remeber in my playing days at school early 90s a ref with a double jointed arm …..he was classic and when blowing a penalty he would get overly exubarant and his arm looked like it was double backing and his hand could scatch his arse…..but a classic oke with great humour on the field !!!any remember him ….wiry little oke with dark hair….

  56. I remember reading Ed Morrison’s autobiography (he of RWC Final 95 fame).

    After a particularly close game involving the Aussies and a perceived forward pass, at the after match drinks he spoke to John Eales (Aussie Capt) and apologised saying something like – “I am sorry – it was forward pass and I made ma mistake on the field.”

    John Eales countered with the chirp – “Well is my full back made as few mistakes as you, we would have won the game – so don’t worry – you had a good game.”

    Perspective and a lot of respect to Eales as a player and captain for not whinging (now that makes a change from an Aussie :-P )

  57. Also – anyone know why the KZN schools dont have a full complement of U14, U15 and U16 teams in the fixtures? Glenwood and College only have a limited reps here?

    Was it strength based or another reason?

  58. @Rugger fan: Takes a big man to admit a mistake at that level of the game. Would like to read that book – I’ve read Andre Watson’s. Morrison was a great ref – despite having the honour of being the first to send off a Springbok!

  59. @Speartackle: Nee sien die hoofborg is mos terug Pretoria toe. Krap nou in die klubs daar in Pretoria rond. So seker hoekom Monnas besig is om so bietjie los te tooring. Hulle mis die Minister van finansies.

  60. @GreenBlooded: Boet, firstly I am probably as neutral/impartial as they come as I have 3 girls (so no players in rugby teams then), have watched SBR almost every Saturday of every rugby season for the past 21 years and apart from scheduling about 80% Landbou games a season, make a point of allocating the balance to so-called 2nd-tier teams. I have therefore watched alot of SBR games and obviously seen alot of SBR refs, and although this does not make me a guru, I do know that if more refs just keep to the simple list of basics I mentioned previously, they would all blow like a Kaplan (why did you include those other 2 in there?).

    With reference to the mistakes that you mention, I don’t have a problem with honest mistakes, as a fair ref will make them both ways. Its the blatant, more subtle ones, usually at vital moments in a match to shift the momentum, that bothers me. In case of the latter, you will see said ref usually balance them with a string of penalties to the “victims” to balance his conscience I presume.

    With the scoreline comment I was referring to the habit of some refs to orchestrate (which includes protecting some teams from a proper hiding) as opposed to just officiating/regulating according to the rules of the game. Basically the flow of the game within its rules should control the ref, not the other way around. Simple, really.

  61. @ Greenblooded- what I have noticed is that all the really big decisions more often than not seem to go the way of the home team. An example was in the DHS V Westville U15A game( very intense) where the Westville player was tackled short of the line and proceeded to place the ball over the line for the try. It was between the posts therefore 7 points and the game would have been effectively over. The ref ruled a double movement and a penalty to DHS. I think there was a recent incident with Bishops and PBHS involving a similar scenario. College and Kearsney bloggers have also commented on vital last minute calls in their matches with House and the midlands referees. I think it must be human nature to feel the vibe of the crowd and to respond accordingly.

  62. @Ploegskaar: Remember that those refs at Kearsney were being assessed on every performance by the big guns – Mark Lawrence for example – and those assessments count for where they go in their careers. Do you think for a split second that the ref would KNOWINGLY and DELIBERATELY compromise his assessment to favour a certain team? The guys at that level take their reffing VERY seriously. It takes a lot of hard work, study, attending conferences, getting superfit etc etc etc to get to that level. Does it make sense that the guy would compromise all that for a result? Or is it a case of a spectator looking for devils that don’t exist to justify his teams loss – which could be attributed to mistakes made by his team that FAR exceed those of the referee?

  63. @GreenBlooded: Maybe I know what dedication is required to be a referee, but for the rest of your questions I unfortunately have no answers. A kind word of advise from a regular spectator: I watch SBR primarily for the enjoyment and secondly to support my team on the day. I have enjoyed many games over the years where my team was on the losing side, but then only because they lost to the better side.

  64. @Westers: New Zealand didn’t necessarily think he was great, but the best in New Zealand. If you look at the sorry shower they have to choose from they might be right. Remember, in the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king.

    In the case of the Shackle Draggers you just have to have a passing knowledge of braille to get to the top of the dungheap daarso.

  65. @star: There have been studies that have confirmed what you say, even at Test level with rugby and also American football (sies, I feel like I need to have a bath after even saying that). The level of noice from the crowd influences the ref subconciously – the home crowd makes more.

    I would like to think refs are superhuman but I have often seen refs just get p#ssed off with one side and they just no longer get the benefit of the doubt. In todays game it is the split second that wins it – the rights to the ball for such a limited time after the tackle, the split second that separates a late tackle from a “committed” tackle. The arm that slides from shoulder to throat in the tackle that can be interpreted in 2 ways.

    I reckon refs are human. The best chirp I ever read about is Craig Joubert’s dad – link below. I reckon they still know more than me, are closer to play, so unless I am willing to grab a whistle and put myself out there, best I just leave it to the ref.


  66. @Gungets Tuft: Another anecdote I am quite fond of involves one of the top guys – can’t remember who. He was blowing a pretty charged up match with chirps coming left and right from the players: offside ref, forward ref, going over ref etc etc etc. So eventually he stops the game and says “Guys – it seems like we have 31 refs on this field”, to which one of the players retorts “Yes – and you aren’t even in the top 10”.

    You could well be right about the sub-conscious thing and if a team is constantly on the refs – well you know what they say in the army: don’t piss-off the chef!! Same thing.

    The main point I want to make is that the ‘biased ref’ tag is far too easily bandied about by people who should know better – and it is quite a serious charge to make. Goes to the man’s character and ethics – essentially calling him dishonest or a cheat. Often it is just an honest mistake by someone who has far more courage than those jeering him from the sideline.

  67. Sitting next to Goldstones, watching the build. Satellite dish for TV going up, stands are covered, Goldstones Club fridges well stocked with Fanta, TV camera towers in place, Wildeklawer hospitality tent up next to the Indoor centre. Looking good.

    Smaak it stukkend

  68. World number one
    18 Oct 2011
    John Bishop

    A CAREER in rugby refereeing which started when he was a spindly 15-year-old on the backfields of Maritzburg College will reach its glorious summit when Craig Joubert takes charge of the Rugby World Cup final between New Zealand and France in Auckland on Sunday.
    The RWC has not been a particularly happy one for referees, as South African and Welsh supporters will tell you, but Craig has impressed friend and foe with his calmness and feel for the game.
    His appointment yesterday by the International Rugby Board did come as a surprise. When Craig and Irishman Alain Rolland (Ireland) were appointed to handle the weekend’s semi-finals, it was widely believed that either­ leading England referee Wayne Barnes or Jonathan Kaplan, South Africa­’s most experienced official, was being held back for the final.
    But Craig, who turns 34 next month, has leapfrogged both, following his display in the Australian-New Zealand semi-final on Sunday when he handled the highly charged contest with composure and accuracy.
    IRB referee manager Paddy O’Brien­ praised Craig’s performance.
    “I would like to congratulate Craig on his selection which is entirely on merit.”
    Craig, only the second South African — after André Watson — to referee a World Cup final, said yesterday that he is overjoyed at his appointment.
    “It is an enormous honour to get the final. I’m now really looking forward to getting out there and enjoying the occasion.”
    Craig has followed in the footsteps of his late father Des, who was a popular Pietermaritzburg schoolteacher and rugby referee. Craig has been a referee for more than half his life and, as a teenager at College, attended courses and took charge of school games. He then moved on to club rugby, and encouraged by his mother Lynne, has made a rapid climb to the very top of the ladder.
    “I saw the fun my dad had as a referee and it enabled him to extend his ties with the game beyond his years as a player,” Craig said.
    He said the greatest challenge was moving from schoolboy rugby to club rugby.
    “It was a change from where the players call you ‘sir’ and dirty play results in a trip to the headmaster’s office to the club game at Woodburn where the coach encourages his players to pressure the referee.”
    Man management, he believes, is critical to handling any game and he had, in his dad, the very best teacher.
    “The trick, he said, “is to be assertive but also respectful.”
    Des was a competent provincial referee. Genial and cheerful, he handled games firmly, but with a smile.
    Once, in charge of a first-division club game at Woodburn Stadium, he had a brush with DHS Old Boys’ former Natal captain Peter Edmunds with the streetwise flank trying to give Des a rough ride.
    “Come on, ref, come on, you missed another forward pass. Ref, that’s offside.”
    And so the comments flew until eventually Des brought play to a halt and called Edmunds aside.
    “Look, I’ve been watching you. You’re a flank but you’ve now missed three tackles, dropped the ball twice and your positional play is shocking. Why don’t you worry about your game and I’ll take care of mine?”
    Edmunds did not say another word during the game and after the final whistle he went to the referees’ change room and apologised to Des.
    “That the first time I have ever been chirped by a referee,” he told him.
    Craig has followed a similar approach to his refereeing and his career has blossomed at Currie Cup, Super Rugby and international level.
    Craig studied business finance at the University of KZN after leaving College and spent five years in corporate banking before taking up refereeing on a professional basis.
    He readily admits that he is learning all the time and is particularly interested in the nefarious activities in the dark underworld of the scrum. He has spent hours at Sharks practices, watching the scrum at work, talking to hookers, props and coaches, and trying to grasp the intricacies of scrummaging.
    Other lessons have even been forced on him.
    “In 2007, I was appointed to referee the All Black international against France in New Zealand and had the weekend off before flying out on the Monday.
    “Maritzburg College were playing Affies from Pretoria that weekend and I was keen to go back there and ref. The Midlands Referee Society appointed me to handle the U15A game at 10.30 am and it was a wonderful contest.
    “After the game I was approached by a big Affies parent­, obviously a guy who had spent many long hours in the front row. He asked what I knew about scrummaging. ‘I know a little,’ I replied. ‘But maybe you’ve noticed something that you can help me with.’
    “He said I wouldn’t understand and he would show me. Before I knew what was happening he and I were packing down on the side of the field while a sizeable crowd gathered to watch me getting a practical scrumming session from an U15 Affies’ parent.
    “Clearly he had no idea who he was teaching but I hope he saw me referee the Test match the next weekend and noticed an improvement in the way I handled the scrums.”
    One of Craig’s more embarrassing moments was in a Currie Cup game in 2009 when Golden Lions flyhalf Earl Rose, not looking where he was passing, tossed the ball directly to Craig.
    “I play a lot of touch rugby so I instinctively caught it and started running. The Bulls captain was Wikus van Heerden and he immediately yelled ‘tackle him’. When I saw Danie Rossouw lining me up I stopped. We all had a good laugh, but I have learnt to stay a little further from the main action.”
    Craig has learnt other tricks on the international rugby circuit. He has developed into an accomplished golfer, plays off a seven handicap and already has two holes in one, although there is no video evidence.
    He is “addicted” to poker and regards himself as a hustler.
    And it is that instinct to make the right call, to maintain composure and keep a poker face under fierce pressure which turns an ordinary club referee into someone as exceptional as Craig Joubert.
    Craig will be in charge of unquestionably the biggest game in New Zealand rugby history at Eden Park in Auckland on Sunday. The All Blacks are the overwhelming favourites, the French are at their most unpredictable, but this final, the glittering showpiece of world rugby, is in good hands.
    This appointment is a tribute to Craig Joubert … and his dad.

  69. @GreenBlooded: Preparation
    Know the laws of the and apply them, consistently. A consistent ref is a fair ref. It’s also harder to knock a pedantic ref than one that interprets/misinterprets.
    Physical fitness
    A fit ref keeps up with play and positions himself better. This eliminates guessing and 50/50 calls, thus less mistakes.
    Mental fitness
    Create a match-bubble to eliminate the emotion of the occasion, venue, players and spectators. This will ensure objectivity at all times.
    Communicate decisions clearly and calmly, while being approachable yet assertive at all times.

    Apply these simple basics from u/9 to u/19 level and you should be ok.

  70. @Gungets Tuft: Please find a programme with the fixture list and advise. According to this schedule it says Glenwood plays Monnas. According to Glenwood they are playing Oakdale ??? This is the junior tournament.

  71. @CyndiAtRugby: Checked with College, the organization is completely out of their hands, they know no more than us.

    Will get my mate to check tomorrow when he goes there to set up.

  72. @Ploegskaar: Let’s just leave it mate. Could go on and on. Disagreement with refereeing decisions will be around as long as there are referees. Nothing we say here will change that.

  73. @Gungets Tuft: Thanks … its rather frustrating to try figure out who is playing where. I can just imagine how the guys at College must feel as well. All my contact details are on the side of this page if you need them.

  74. These are the fixtures I have received from the Midlands Referees Society:

    02-May Wildeklawer 1st EG Jansen N Kaap Goldstones 07h50
    02-May Wildeklawer 1st Glenwood Boland Landbou Goldstones 09h00
    02-May Wildeklawer 1st HTS Drosdty Monnas Goldstones 10h10
    02-May Wildeklawer 1st Grey Bloem Oakdale Goldstones 11h20
    02-May Wildeklawer 1st Diamantveld Grey High Goldstones 12h30
    02-May Wildeklawer 1st Paarl Gim Wildeklawer Goldstones 13h40
    02-May Wildeklawer 1st College Paul Roos Goldstones 14h50
    02-May Wildeklawer 1st Outeniqua Waterkloof Goldstones 16h00

    02-May Wildeklawer u16 Affies HTSM Snows 07h50
    02-May Wildeklawer u16 Framesby Monnas Snows 09h00
    02-May Wildeklawer 1st Affies Framesby Snows 10h10
    02-May Wildeklawer 1st Sharks Paarl Boys Snows 11h20
    02-May Wildeklawer u16 Glenwood Kempies Snows 12h30

    02-May Wildeklawer u14 Kempies Glenwood Nicholsons 08h00
    02-May Wildeklawer u14 Monnas Framesby Nicholsons 09h00
    02-May Wildeklawer u14 HTSM Affies Nicholsons 10h00
    02-May Wildeklawer u15 Kempies Glenwood Nicholsons 11h00
    02-May Wildeklawer u15 Monnas College Nicholsons 12h00
    02-May Wildeklawer u15 Affies Framesby Nicholsons 13h00

    04-May Wildeklawer 1st Oakdale Sharks Goldstones 07h50
    04-May Wildeklawer 1st Waterkloof Paarl Gym Goldstones 09h00
    04-May Wildeklawer 1st Diamantveld EG Jansen Goldstones 10h10
    04-May Wildeklawer 1st Glenwood Paarl Boys Goldstones 11h20
    04-May Wildeklawer 1st Boland Landbou Noord Kaap Goldstones 12h30
    04-May Wildeklawer 1st Affies Paul Roos Goldstones 13h40
    04-May Wildeklawer 1st Monnas Grey Goldstones 14h50
    04-May Wildeklawer 1st College Framesby Goldstones 16h00

    04-May Wildeklawer u16 Glenwood Monnas Snows 09h00
    04-May Wildeklawer 1st Grey High Outeniqua Snows 10h10
    04-May Wildeklawer 1st Wildeklawer HTS Drosdty Snows 11h20
    04-May Wildeklawer u16 Kempies Affies Snows 12h30
    04-May Wildeklawer u16 HTSM Framesby Snows 13h40

    04-May Wildeklawer u14 HTSM Framesby Nicholsons 08h00
    04-May Wildeklawer u14 Kempies Affies Nicholsons 09h00
    04-May Wildeklawer u14 Glenwood Monnas Nicholsons 10h00
    04-May Wildeklawer u15 Kempies Affies Nicholsons 11h00
    04-May Wildeklawer u15 Glenwood Monnas Nicholsons 12h00
    04-May Wildeklawer u15 Affies Framesby Nicholsons 13h00

  75. Interesting – according to my list, Glenwood aren’t playing Monnas, the are playing Oakdale … guess I will have to wait until Saturday

  76. @CyndiAtRugby: Not just the College team and officials but the College management and the people who have merchandising spots as well. Apparently communication not too hot. Spoke to a stall holder this morning and he is being shunted from pillar to post. Ohhh well, at least the rugby will be top drawer, as will the chow which the boys and folks of Clark House will dish up

  77. Okay, figured it out. Oakdale juniors aren’t playing so fixtures were moved around, this also means that College juniors aren’t playing either – pity especially for College.

    @GreenBlooded: Please just double check – Affies U15 are playing twice on Saturday – I think HTSM are meant to be in there somewhere

  78. 4-May Wildeklawer u15 Kempies Affies Nicholsons 11h00
    04-May Wildeklawer u15 Glenwood Monnas Nicholsons 12h00
    04-May Wildeklawer u15 College Framesby Nicholsons 13h00

  79. Results for Thursday 02 May 2013

    EG Jansen
    Boland Landbou
    Grey PE
    Paul Roos

  80. @ Tjop- GW to beat Boland Landbou and Outeniqua to beat Kloof. Otherwise spot on :mrgreen:

  81. Can you confirm which fields are being used?

    I assume
    A = Goldstones
    B = Snows
    C = ??????

  82. @Gungets: Food and facilities were top class. Well done to College – definitely a fine institution!

  83. @Rugger fan: Indeed!! And those were the first points conceeded by the Glenwood U14A this year. Quite a surprise. Good to see HVJR and Pelham protege Brendan Schwulst leading them with aplomb!!

  84. @Gungets Tuft: Yup. U14 and U15 games on Nicholsons. U16 on Snows (with 2 1st team matches each day) and main events on Goldstones.

  85. @NW_Knight: Buy a donkey – appreciate the compliment and will be sure to pass it on to the good men and ladies of College who have set it all up.

    Be sure to buy some boerie rolls from the Clark House spot at Kwela’s Hut, just below the bank in front of the indoor centre (where Wildeklawer have set up their hospitality tent). The funds raised by Matthew Marwick and his team go directly to the “spruce up” fund for Clark House, the boarding establishment in the old building off the Forder Oval as you get to the top of the drive. It was the first building on the campus and dates back to 1888, part of it (the Victoria Hall) was a hospital in 1899 – 1900 during the Boer War.

    Hope Saturday is another good day, good luck to the KZN teams, miserable that I cannot be there. Of the 9 weekends available in the third term when there is no rugby, my nephew chose this one to get married. :(

    I trust that you will take some time to stroll around, a visit to the museum is a must. For we College boys the Victoria Hall also holds enormous significance – the pictures and plaques on the walls are a walk through history.

  86. @Gungets Tuft: I was particularly impressed with the behaviour of the boys on duty. It is the first tournament that I have not had a problem with the ball boys always being in the photo – the ball boys kept to the back of the fenced off area allowing the touch judges, etc to move and the ball was available to the players when needed. The medics didn’t seem that busy (players fitness or own medics?) but were there when needed and those boys on the gates where very impressive – even when there were some abusive or complaining spectators, they were still polite and respectful. Well done College. Now if you could just get an outhouse on the outfields …. :wink:

  87. @Greenblooded
    Why is it a surprise that Glenwood U14A drew????? Hope DHS get the honor of being the 1st team to beat them :lol:

  88. @Gungets Tuft: Just as a matter of interest, GCB also has an old hospital from the Boer war on campus. Its the present Tuck Shop. In my day,(just after the war :lol: ), it was situated elsewhere, and apart from doughnuts and brown cows(Coke and milk), it was a favourite place to smoke behind. It has in the meantime bean moved, corrugated sheet by sheet , renovated and declared a national monument(one of 5) Worth to take a look if ever you find yoursel there

  89. @ Horsy- Did Van Zyl play against Westville?
    @ Gungets- In the first half College got 1 lineout out of 9. Not good at all. It was a problem for College last year as well and would have been worse had it not been for Smith at the back of the lineout.
    If you look at the stats for Outeniqua -( 38% possession/45 % srcum win rate/50% lineout win rate) their set phases must have been very poor. The margin of victory over Waterkloof is therefore very surprizing.

  90. @star: Those stats are nice for reading but I don’t trust them completely.

    Outeniqua were a bit like Usain Bolt during an Olympic 100m heat. He stops trying after about 85m because he already has the race won. The Kwaggs won the game in the first half and took their foot right off the pedal after that. Kloof had a lot more of the possession and territory in the 2nd half but to suggest that Outeniqua were dominated in the scrums and lineouts seems out of place with what happened on the field.

    Their lineout was very good and they won the contest for the ball on the ground. For the most part their defence was solid.

    When the game was fast, Klofies had no answer to them defensively. The stats that really need to be put up are linebreaks made and first time tackles missed. The Klofies boys missed plenty of tackles. When Kloof were on the attack in the second half, Outeniqua hardly missed any tackles.

  91. @CyndiAtRugby: Thanks very much, very gratifying to hear that. Some visitors almost complain that the boys are too polite, with constant “morning mam’ing” going on, but we are happy with that. Very good to hear that the boys on the gates are long-suffering, it”s a thankless job and every second person thinks they are an exception to the rules. They don’t understand the importance of keeping access clear and parking unrestricted. Ambulances and emergency personnel are the most important people there, the rest can walk a little further.

    Toilets on the bottom fields are a logistical nightmare. They are a target for vagrants and vandals and cost a fortune to maintain. We have experimented woth portables in the past which were not successful – the heat turns them into foul sweatboxes. No way around it, unfortunately.

  92. @Gungets Tuft: Tuffie still waiting for my spices!!
    Bring me that person who moans about overpolite kids at your grouds. Will kick butt!!
    Well done to MC. Doing a great jop at hosting such a wonderfull event. Even the beer is just the right temp!!

  93. @Klofie Pa: Ek is miskien verkeerd maar ek mis ‘n 0/17 seun wat ook ‘n blitsige seun is. Ma en Pa is Bok atlete. Hoekom is hy nie daar nie?

  94. @Gungets: This is only my 2nd visit to College (never went further than Goldstones on the first) and I have been truly spellbound. Have eaten in Victoria Hall and was in awe of the history. Thoroughly enjoyable visit.

  95. @Beet: Game times for Saturday have changed and Sharks Inv now playing at 07H15 (this will be one of the delayed broadcasts).

  96. @Klofiepa: Jy moet versigtig wees vir daai kerrie vandag…. Hoe is die gemoed daar in julle kamp vandag?

  97. @Gungets Tuft: Yes – thanks Cyndi – great to hear a positive about one’s alma mater.

    But I must say, we are privileged in SA to have schools that still drill manners and good conduct. Having lived abroad and had kids in school there – the level of SA scholar respect (at the good schools) is admirable, and something we should not take for granted.

  98. @ Horsy- I presume he played inside centre which is not a bad axis with Webster. All the best against Parktown . Bring back the bacon for the cup

  99. @Rugger fan: Would tend to disagree with you on both counts. Manners and good conduct is from the persons upbringing at home. Irrelevant where they come from or how affluent your parents are. You get good mannered kids in all societies all over the world. It does, here I must agree with you, help if the person is at a school where no nonsense is taken from pupils. And must be remembered that the good mannered kids are always those chosen to help. All schools have their bad apples.

  100. @Tjoppa: No doubt about that. But I just take my kids – who I believe are pretty well mannered. They coped well abroad, but the culture of the school was one of tolerance and allowing kids to speak to adults in a way that bordered on total disrespect. My kids handled this well, but it is difficult for a young man to judge for himself in every situation – and the “smell” of the culture unfortunately rubs onto the kids. Having been back for 18 months – we have seen a marked change in their attitude due to being in the SA system which does not tolerate the same level of disrespect.

    And yes – there were brilliant kids abroad – but the culture here in SA makes it easier for the cream to rise to the top.

  101. @ Rugger fan- My son has just come back from a cricket tour to Dubai and the English umpires could not believe the difference in manners between our kids(no sir,yes sir 3 bags full sir) and the English kids who sometimes border on verbal abuse. Defintely something for us to be collectively proud of.

  102. @Rugger fan: I am a firm believer children are born innocent and good. It is the parents that spoil that and if Bog read this he will bite your head off.

  103. @star: I actually agree with you. But born innocent? Not so sure about that Speaking of myself and going back a while, it took me the best part of a second, to think of something unsavory.But it is our “upbringing” which teaches us to have control over those things. In most other countries where “morals”(faith) have been discarded, we see thr inevitable collapse of discipline. Undeniably so. But sadly that is changing quite rapidly, as we too, are drawn into the “global village”. And if you research what is said in the UN by Unesco- what their advice is to teaching authorities in member countries, you will have greater understanding for this collapse internationally. Remember, they have only been let loose amongst the SA kids in the last few years. Read up on the Robert Muller (former Asst Secr. Gen. of the UN) schools around the world, particularly their philosophy. Its just a matter of time, but they are coming for your kids as well- just be prepared.

  104. @BOG: Even though we are well ahead of world standards in terms of youth morality and ethics, this is also declining rapidly. What astounds me is the repsect kids seems to have for each other. In my day, theft from a fellow student resulted in instant expulsion if you were caught. Now it seems common-place, with kids having to keep their possessions under lock and key at all times. Heard an anecdote from the Vryhied tour earlier this year where a Westville team had their dorm broken into by an opposition school’s players and had all of their electronic gadgets lifted. Luckily the perps were caught and the boys had their possessions returned. The audacity of such behaviour is hard to fathom – there seems to be a culture that if you want something and you don’t have it it is perfectly acceptable to steal it from someone else. The disgrace is more about being caught out than committing the act in the first place.

  105. @star: star – yep – it was Dubai/Abu Dhabi where we lived. and although perhaps not a true microcosm of the globe – there are a lot of privileged kids from many western nations we mixed with (including on the rugby fields) – and as you say, that “yes sir, no sir” is just not observable in the bulk of kids (even Asian and Latin Americans).

    And agreed – put a South African there for a while and they revert to the lowest common denominator in many cases. Parenting does play a role, but the culture influences one, whether you like it or not (like my in laws who now speak Afrikaans with an American accent – HORRIBLE :mrgreen: :evil: ).

    So while we have it, we need to appreciate it, and as parents nurture it, while not living with our heads in the sand and not embracing some of the good of globalisation. As always a fine line we tread.

  106. Just had confirmation that the much anticipated Glenwood vs College clash on Goldstones on 25 May (College Reunion Day) will be refereed by none other than Craig Joubert.

  107. @Gungets Tuft: I can dream :wink: I though the vagrant problem would be the reason.
    There are times when being greeted by the boys gets a bit hectic like when I pass the same kid 100 times while photographing a game but what really impresses is when the boys greet parents who are in supporters shirts of opposing teams – many don’t do this.

    @NW_Knight: Do you have any other changes? Thanks for the heads up – I wanted to ‘shoot’ this game and would have arrived too late.

  108. @GreenBlooded: Unfortunately your last statement has been too true in a lot of communities for too long. The biggest crime is getting caught.

  109. @HORSEFLY NO.1: Horsey, I mentioned that Menlo Park were very strong in the u14 age group last year, but that I noticed a marked decline in their results this year as u15s. I suspected that it was due to all their star athletes not playing rugby until the Nationals were completed. It looks like that was indeed the case as their results recently have improved dramatically with a 34 to 10 thumping of Waterkloof u15 and a 54 to 3 win over KES u15, which is 15 points more than Affies managed to beat KES by.

    @$#*…just in time for their match v St Alban’s!

    You could rightfully point out that a team should not decline by such a drastic amount when missing a handful of players; however, Menlo clearly does not have much depth, as the u15A beat KES by over 50 points but the B lost to KES and the C played KES’s D team.

  110. @Gungets Tuft: Toilets on the outside fields? The banks of the Msunduzi work fine for me – but then I’m not a paddler……. :mrgreen: :twisted:

  111. @GreenBlooded: Unfortunately, too many facts are being brushed aside as “conspiracy theories” Its a common approach to discredit sources when they get too close to the truth. And by that I am not saying that there are not conspiracies. But go ahead, and google Robert Muller, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, UNESCO, David Spangler, Alice Bailey, Annie Bassant, Helena Blavatsky. Many of them are dead already(thankfully) but their legacies live on in the UN where their philosophies are entertained and promoted through Unesco and we see this being manifested in our schools. And it is said and noted in the UN, but few go to the trouble of following these discussions. A few years ago, they had a UN international conference in Johannesburg on “Sustainable Development”. All sounds very good- thats until you start reading the detail of the final 500 page report, perhaps, hidden somewhere on p. 321. Then you find that the actual purpose of the report is “Re-distribution of Wealth”. And when you see the methods they propose, you will also understand why those kids you mentioned, relieved the others of their belongings- JUSTIFIED THEFT!

  112. @HORSEFLY NO.1: Menlo was the u14 team that attended Skonk last year and hammered the local teams by cricket scores – e.g. 80 to 0 and 105 to 0. They also beat Helpmekaar u14A by 40 points last year.

    This year they attended the same festival that Westville and Glenwood u15 teams attended in the Cape and fared no better than the Durban schools – perhaps worse, but I can’t remember exactly. Anyway, they seem to have returned to their strength of 2012.

    Talking about Kempton Park, I think that Transvalia u15A (who you were asking about a few weeks ago) lost to Kempton u15A by 7 to 45….so Glenwood u15 did well to draw with Kempton.

  113. @GreenBlooded: Unless your parents were Sledghammer and Sea Cottage I doubt you produce the sort of volume that would make an iota of difference in the Dusi. :roll:

  114. @CyndiAtRugby: I am going to boast a little – by posting a letter send to to headmaster Chris Luman this week, from a member of the public. The bus convoy in discussion is the one coming back from PBHS.

    Letter to the Headmaster:
    Dear Mr Luman

    On Friday 12th April I was driving back from Natal towards Johannesburg and passed bus load after bus load of school boys. I thought I was way ahead of the convoy when I pulled into Montrose to fill up with petrol and grab some coffee, so imagine my surprise when said buses pulled into the parking lot and many, many boys with pent up energy and excitement began spilling out.

    My first thoughts we’re uncharitable, but these were short lived. As I approached the door to the building, the young gentlemen ahead of me leapt back and motioned for me to proceed ahead of them. I was taken aback. Standing in the queue at the Mugg and Bean, one of your students happened to turn around and saw me behind them. He immediately nudged his two companions and they insisted I move up ahead of them. I was completely taken by surprise.

    It was at this point that I started to watch the black and red tracksuits and realised that this chivalrous behavior was not contained to two isolated cases. These young men, all be they excitable, were incredibly aware of their surroundings and the people therein. Standing aside, not swearing or being vulgar, politely placing their orders. I was truly amazed. The staff were very clearly in evidence, but at no point did I see any teacher reprimanding a student or telling them how to behave.

    These young scholars were exemplifying a very obvious school ethic and moral code. As a member of the public, I can tell you, you have every reason to be proud of these young men. In today’s day and age it is refreshing and not to mention encouraging to see that these values are still being taught at schools. If I ever find myself in the fortunate position of having a son, I will move heaven and earth to ensure he attends your college. My faith in humanity was restored somewhat.

    Yours faithfully
    Sarah xxxxxx

    @Bog – they might be coming for our kids, but neither us, nor the boys, will go down without a fight.

  115. @Gungets Tuft: Very good. Parents must just be aware and prepared. Unfortunately, ignorance is widespread and deceived and this lot is so subtle in their approach- they take half a step at a time- that many wont notice their impact on the child. Keep a close watch.


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