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BHP rankings for 13 April 2013

17 April, 2013 beet 33

Nothing beats a formula driven ranking system.

BoishaaiPa: “This shows current form and not actual strength. The model will even out when more games have been played.”…

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SA Rankings for 13 April 2013

16 April, 2013 beet 221

Not too much happened this week to affect the top of the table rankings IMHO. There was one huge game at Brug Street in Paarl. The Kwaggas who were already my No.1 team won it but Boishaai did not disgrace themselves and in my books they are still pretty much a Top 10 team, a view that and do not seem to share. At least SASchoolsports was able to promote the Kwaggas to No.1 on their list.…

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BHP Rankings for 05 April 2013

10 April, 2013 beet 220

Outeniqua is on top while Worcester Gim occupies 50th place. Lots of rugby still to come this season, so expect the formula driven ranking systems like this one to eventually start delivering the more trustworthy placings once all teams have played 6 or more games under the belt.…

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SA Rankings for 05 April 2013

8 April, 2013 beet 116

Two websites: and have put out their rankings for the Week ended 05/04/2013.

At this stage apart from the top 2 on both, things look very different. Anyway you decide which is the more accurate one.…

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Final Schoolboy Rugby Rankings for 2012

4 September, 2012 beet 7

Paarl Boys’ High School, Hoër Jongenskool Paarl, Boishaai, HJS and Galpille are the many names of the Western Cape dual medium school that ends 2012 as the top South African rugby school. In so doing they bring to an end a long streak of first place finishes by Grey College. Well done Boishaai!…