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BHP Top 50 Rankings – calculations explanation

1 August, 2013 beet 15

Rankings 101:

Some Bloggers still don’t understand the concept of earning points per match according to the category ranked school you play and that the ranking is thus formula driven and not “adjusted” by BHP as seen fit. It is as simple as this: If you played and won high category schools you will have higher average points per game.

The idea that BHP has “given in to pressure” about Affies is absolute nonsense and absurd. Affies earned it by playing and beating Category 4 and 5 schools well and thus earning a slightly higher average game-point. Paarl Gim will most probably overtake them again if they win Interschools as Boishaai have a 5 point scalp! 

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BHP Top 50 – week ending 20 July 2013

24 July, 2013 beet 37

There’s a new No.1. Affies’ dominate performance against Maritzburg College has given them a slight edge on Paarl Gim by just seven hundredth’s of a point. The log looks very settled near the top. In the teens, Wynberg and Grey PE have made big leaps following good campaigns at Cape Schools week. Rondebosch have gone through a bleak period and might be a bit fortunate to only fall seven spots. Their early season form has definitely come to their rescue. Maritzburg College and Kempton Park are other schools that have suffered major drops.…

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BHP Top 50 – week ending 01 June 2013

5 June, 2013 beet 23

With the school rugby season now past halfway point, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to rank teams, especially those in the teens and upwards. Fortunately the BHP ranking system is formula driven, meaning that it does not rely on human guesswork. …

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BHP Top 50 – week ending 25 May 2013

28 May, 2013 beet 17

Word from BHP:

Midway through the season and I did some adjustments on the schools categories and shifted some up and some down according to the results against them so far. I also tweaked a little on my formula and adjusted the points scored for a draw. The result looks a little different than the previous weeks but I think maybe more accurate in current strengths. 

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BHP Top 50 – week ending 27 April 2013

29 April, 2013 beet 1

This formula-driven ranking system is the only one on any school rugby website to have ranked Paarl Gim as the No.1 team in SA last week.  This week EG Jansen and Centurion make the noticeable gains at the top, while Monnas falls 15 places to the unfamiliar possie of 31.…

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BHP rankings for 13 April 2013

17 April, 2013 beet 33

Nothing beats a formula driven ranking system.

BoishaaiPa: “This shows current form and not actual strength. The model will even out when more games have been played.”…

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SA Rankings for 13 April 2013

16 April, 2013 beet 221

Not too much happened this week to affect the top of the table rankings IMHO. There was one huge game at Brug Street in Paarl. The Kwaggas who were already my No.1 team won it but Boishaai did not disgrace themselves and in my books they are still pretty much a Top 10 team, a view that and do not seem to share. At least SASchoolsports was able to promote the Kwaggas to No.1 on their list.…

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BHP Rankings for 05 April 2013

10 April, 2013 beet 220

Outeniqua is on top while Worcester Gim occupies 50th place. Lots of rugby still to come this season, so expect the formula driven ranking systems like this one to eventually start delivering the more trustworthy placings once all teams have played 6 or more games under the belt.…

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SA Rankings for 05 April 2013

8 April, 2013 beet 116

Two websites: and have put out their rankings for the Week ended 05/04/2013.

At this stage apart from the top 2 on both, things look very different. Anyway you decide which is the more accurate one.…