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St Stithians Rugby Festival 2009 – results

26 December, 2012 beet 0
Thu.09Apr FNB Invitation 06 50 Bishops
Thu.09Apr St David’s 05 38 St Andrew’s
Thu.09Apr St Stithians 20 20 St Charles
Thu.09Apr Boland Landbou 27 14 Parktown Boys
Thu.09Apr St Alban’s 05 21 Wynberg
Sat.11Apr St David’s 12 32 FNB Invitation
Sat.11Apr Boland Landbou 32 07 St Charles
Sat.11Apr St Alban’s 03 33 Bishops
Sat.11Apr Parktown Boys 13 17 Wynberg
Sat.11Apr St Stithians 12 23 St Andrew’s
Sat.11Apr St Alban’s 14 30 FNB Invitation
Sat.11Apr Parktown Boys 22 14 St Charles
Sat.11Apr St David’s 03 40 Wynberg
Sat.11Apr Boland Landbou 07 09 St Andrew’s
Sat.11Apr St Stithians 03 26 Bishops
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Kearsney Easter Rugby Festival 2012 – results

26 December, 2012 beet 0
Thu.05Apr Glenwood 25 18 Monument
Thu.05Apr Paul Roos 43 13 Queen’s
Thu.05Apr Dale 11 10 Westville
Thu.05Apr Grey College 29 45 Paarl Gim
Thu.05Apr EG Jansen 15 19 Affies
Thu.05Apr Kearsney 10 05 Selborne
Sat.07Apr Kearsney 18 03 Queen’s
Sat.07Apr Selborne 24 42 EG Jansen
Sat.07Apr Affies 27 20 Paarl Gim
Sat.07Apr Grey College 43 08 Westville
Sat.07Apr Glenwood 24 24 Dale
Sat.07Apr Paul Roos 40 08 Monument
Mon.09Apr Grey College 08 00 Monument
Mon.09Apr Kearsney 10 22 Affies
Mon.09Apr Selborne 16 57 Paarl Gim
Mon.09Apr Westville 27 19 EG Jansen
Mon.09Apr Glenwood 32 12 Queen’s
Mon.09Apr Paul Roos 27 27 Dale
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Kearsney Easter Rugby Festival 2011 – results

26 December, 2012 beet 0
Thu.21Apr Dale 22 16 Marais Viljoen
Thu.21Apr Glenwood 20 00 Christ’s College (NZ)
Thu.21Apr Grey College 18 14 Monument
Thu.21Apr Kearsney 42 12 Nico Malan
Thu.21Apr Paarl Gim 38 03 EG Jansen
Thu.21Apr Selborne 03 00 Helpmekaar
Sat.23Apr Glenwood 41 10 Nico Malan
Sat.23Apr EG Jansen 53 12 Christ’s College (NZ)
Sat.23Apr Grey College 64 00 Helpmekaar
Sat.23Apr Selborne 40 10 Marais Viljoen
Sat.23Apr Kearsney 18 16 Dale
Mon.25Apr Dale 38 23 EG Jansen
Mon.25Apr Nico Malan 20 17 Helpmekaar
Mon.25Apr Marais Viljoen 47 07 Christ’s College (NZ)
Mon.25Apr Paarl Gim 30 17 Glenwood
Mon.25Apr Selborne 22 20 Monument
Mon.25Apr Grey College 24 03 Kearsney
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Kearsney Easter Rugby Festival 2010 – results

25 December, 2012 beet 0
Thu.01Apr Kearsney 58 05 Blythedale/eLan XV
Thu.01Apr Marais Viljoen 31 14 Upington
Thu.01Apr EG Jansen 00 47 Grey College
Thu.01Apr Selborne 26 13 Nico Malan
Thu.01Apr Glenwood 05 26 Monument
Sat.03Apr Selborne 71 00 Blythedale/eLan XV
Sat.03Apr Monument 45 00 Upington
Sat.03Apr Glenwood 06 00 Marais Viljoen
Sat.03Apr EG Jansen 58 07 Nico Malan
Sat.03Apr Kearsney 05 47 Grey College
Mon.05Apr Blythedale/eLan XV 08 68 Marais Viljoen
Mon.05Apr Nico Malan 20 07 Upington
Mon.05Apr Kearsney 12 19 EG Jansen
Mon.05Apr Glenwood 19 10 Selborne
Mon.05Apr Grey College 26 06 Monument
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Kearsney Easter Rugby Festival 2009 – results

25 December, 2012 beet 0
Thu.09Apr Kearsney College 19 06 Upington
Thu.09Apr DHS 27 00 KZN Development
Thu.09Apr Queen`s College 50 07 Marais Viljoen
Thu.09Apr Selborne College 18 00 HTS Middleburg
Thu.09Apr Dale College 33 22 EG Jansen
Sat.11Apr Selborne College 23 13 Marais Viljoen
Sat.11Apr KZN Development 03 39 Queen`s College
Sat.11Apr Upington 18 13 Dale College
Sat.11Apr EG Jansen 29 12 DHS
Sat.11Apr Kearsney College 16 27 HTS Middleburg
Mon.13Apr DHS 07 17 Queen`s College
Mon.13Apr KZN Development 00 31 Upington
Mon.13Apr HTS Middleburg 27 21 Dale College
Mon.13Apr Kearsney College 03 00 Marais Viljoen
Mon.13Apr Selborne College 20 20 EG Jansen
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Free State signs 3 Glenwood players for 2013

23 December, 2012 beet 6

Three Glenwood youngsters scrumhalf Zee Mkhabela, lock Sihle Ngxabi and flyhalf Warren Potgieter were in the Free State Cheetahs shopping cart along with several other promising schoolboys and have been checked out for the 2013 season.…

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SA Schools No.8 signed by the Kings

23 December, 2012 beet 3

The EP Kings have acquired the services of Eastern Province Craven Week captain and SA Schools eighthman Aidon Davis, who has just finished matric at Daniel Pienaar in Uitenhage…

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SA Schools Cricket team 2012

23 December, 2012 beet 26

Cricket South Africa (CSA) on Thursday, announced the South Africa Schools XI team after the closing ceremony of the Coca-Cola Khaya Majola Under-19 Week in Potchefstroom. …

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Monnas SA Schools lock joins the Cheetahs

23 December, 2012 beet 0

Phillip du Preez, the former Monnas and SA Schools 2011 lock has been snapped up by the Free State after it surfaced that the Bulls were interested in releasing him along with a number of other junior players.…

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Is the Bulls junior recruitment policy helping or hurting SA rugby?

23 December, 2012 beet 28

It’s fair to say that Heyneke Meyer has not enjoyed the best of seasons. Since taking over as Bok coach this year his reputation has taken a bit of a knock. He’s still held in high regard at Loftus though. Here his past successes as Blue Bulls coach put him in a position to influence how the Bulls go about their business both on and off the field of play to this day. Amongst his ideas implemented was an aggressive junior player recruitment model aimed at ensuring the Bulls remained South Africa’s most successful professional era team. …

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Justin Geduld, poetry in motion

16 December, 2012 beet 32

Justin Geduld of Western Province is a sight for sore eyes on the rugby field. He is able to rely on a combination of speed, balance, strength on the feet and vision to pick out perfect lines. This has helped him to unhinge even the most well-organised and tightly guarded midfield defensive structures.…

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DHS picks a KES coach to be Head of Rugby

13 December, 2012 beet 63

Grant Kretzmann, the King Edward VII School (KES) forwards coach and assistant to Carl Spilhaus signed up earlier this week to be DHS’s new Head of Rugby. Kretzmann will be joining former KES headmaster Mike Fennell (DHS CEO) as new arrivals at the Durban school when the first term of 2013 starts.…

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Swys de Bruin is joining the Golden Lions

12 December, 2012 beet 25

Well it feels like it was just yesterday when Swys de Bruin was being formally introduced as the new Head Coach at Northwood School. However today his Facebook page contained the following message:

Nog n era verby! Ek het die pos aanvaar by die Leeus as backline coach. Sien baie uit na die nuwe uitdaging!Ek glo die Here sal ons paaie gelyk maak!

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Damelin Rugby Night Series 2013

12 December, 2012 beet 11

Port Natal will once again host KwaZulu-Natal’s only official school rugby cup competition during the humid month of February. Damelin is the generous sponsor of the competition that features both 1st and 2nd teams.…

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KZN coaches on new u14-u16 school scrumming laws

12 December, 2012 beet 7

In attempts to increase safety, SARU recently accepted proposed changes to school scrumming for the under-14, under-15 and under-16 age-groups. The main effect is that the hit on the engage has been eliminated. The term to describe the new form of engaging is “passive engagement”.…