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College loses a coach to the Sharks Academy UAE

12 December, 2012 beet 4

Steve Botha, the Maritzburg College Rugby Administrator and Backline Coach during the 2012 season has been snapped up by the Sharks Academy. Botha will head to the United Arab Emirates shortly to take up a brand new coaching position at one of the high performance academies that the Sharks are in the process of setting up. …

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New SARU regulations bring an end to u16s playing 1st XV rugby

8 December, 2012 beet 22

ADDENDUM 1 of 2012:
The following document is an Addendum to the SARU Regulations for Under‐aged Rugby currently applicable to Adult rugby and are additional Regulations that apply to all School‐level Rugby played under the auspices of the South African Rugby Union, the South African Schools Rugby Executive, and the affiliated fourteen (14) Provincial Rugby Unions.…

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Wildeklawer 2013 fixtures

6 December, 2012 beet 39

Wildeklawer SuperSkole brings together the Who’s Who of schoolboy rugby in South Africa. It is the one and only tournament that gives spectators the opportunity to watch all six powerhouse schools as well as a number of other top rugby schools that traditionally dominate the game in their respective regions, under one roof. Maritzburg College who will be celebrating their 150th birthday next year, has been given the honour of hosting this prestigious tournament from 02-04 May 2013.…

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Easter Festivals and player safety

6 December, 2012 beet 13

Although I’m a big fan of school rugby Easter festivals, I’ve sometimes felt a little guilty that my entertainment is being provided at a higher than acceptable injury risk to the players participating. Squads are made up of 22 players, there is rotation and games at certain festivals are reduced from 70 to 60 minutes. Nevertheless the best team players are often required to play all three games over just five days. It’s the kind of big ask we would not dream of making of our modern top senior professionals.…

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A big 2013 awaits Noord-Kaap

5 December, 2012 28

The 2013 season holds several exciting challenges for Noord-Kaap, one of the pillars of Griqualand West high schools rugby.

The most imposing of these will be their keenly-anticipated debut at the prestigious Wildeklawer festival, hosted by Maritzburg College early in May. …

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Recruitment: What about the bursary money?

4 December, 2012 beet 188

This topic has come up in conversation with the staff from two schools that had each lost a star player this season. It revolved around the repayment of bursary money. There were different views offered by the staff on what should happen.…

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Monnas welcomes back Hans Coetzee

3 December, 2012 beet 4

Hans Coetzee is set to make his return to Monument High School in Krugersdorp some five years after leaving. The veteran coach who knows Monnas like the back of his hand will take over as Director of Rugby from Namibia bound Wynand Moolman. …

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All eyes on DHS

2 December, 2012 beet 132

With a very eventful off the field rugby year almost behind them now, DHS’s main up and coming rugby related news story is meant to be and possibly still is the much anticipated public announcement of their new Head of Rugby.…

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SA u18 water polo team struggles at world champs

2 December, 2012 beet 6

South Africans wanting to get an idea of how the standard of water polo played by schoolboys here compared to those of the world’s leading countries were in for an unpleasant surprise. This score-line might not tell the full truth but provides some perspective:  Croatia 25 South Africa 1.…

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Paarlbok wins EOYT Superbru

2 December, 2012 beet 10

A late charge by PaulRoosPa was not enough to stop Paarl Gim supporter PaarlBok from claiming the title. Paarlbok finished with a 78.95% accuracy rate and in 1152nd place overall (Top 3%). Well done Paarlbok! Enjoy the juice.…

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Final school cricket rankings for 2012

1 December, 2012 beet 4

Earlier this week the website published their final school cricket rankings for 2012. Wynberg tops the list. Their coach Eric Lefson was recently named as one of the five best school coaches in South Africa by SA Sports Illustrated magazine.…

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1st FINA Youth Water Polo Champs begins

1 December, 2012 beet 11

South Africa’s under-18 water polo team got off to a losing start in their Group B opener in Perth, Australia. They went down 4-11 to Columbia after leading 3-2 at the half time break. …

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SuperBru EOYT – weekend 4

29 November, 2012 beet 13

Once again it looks like the winner of this contest will be decided by the tight 5. Barring a miracle our winner should emerge from one of the current top five on the leaderboard.  Paarlbok, QC86, KlofiePa, Greenblooded and PaulRoosPa …

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Sandile Kubeka wins a KZN school sports award

29 November, 2012 beet 4

Sandile Kubeka the Kearsney College, KZN Schools and SA Schools rugby player has won Daily News School Sports Zone Hero of the Year award. He was chosen from a list of 36 school sports achievers.…

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Graeme Rugby Day 2013 fixtures & results

29 November, 2012 beet 135
Thu.21Mar Cambridge 49 00 Port Alfred Graeme Rugby Day
Thu.21Mar Hudson Park 22 21 Muir Graeme Rugby Day
Thu.21Mar Dale 16 28 Nico Malan Graeme Rugby Day
Thu.21Mar Queen’s 19 21 Brandwag Graeme Rugby Day
Thu.21Mar Grey HS 16 10 Westville Graeme Rugby Day
Thu.21Mar Kingswood 08 20 Marlow Graeme Rugby Day
Thu.21Mar St Andrew’s 21 12 Pearson Graeme Rugby Day
Thu.21Mar Graeme 03 08 Selborne Graeme Rugby Day
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Northwood coaching structure confirmed

28 November, 2012 beet 207

If it wasn’t official before, it is now. Northwood will be coached by Sharks Academy coach Swys de Bruin. Malcolm Kennedy is the new Head of Rugby and fitness guru Simon Vickers shifts to the position of Conditioning Coach. …

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IRB nominees for Player of the Year

28 November, 2012 beet 1

The International Rugby Board has announced the shortlist of nominees for the prestigious IRB Player of the Year 2012 Award. The less said about the list the better. Four players cracked the nod. They are three times winner Richie McCaw, 2005 winner Daniel Carter, Freddy Michalak and 21-year-old Owen Farrell.…

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IRB Rugby Trials & Law Amendments 2012 – what’s the verdict

26 November, 2012 beet 17

Well anyone who has followed the end of year Northern Hemisphere tour test matches has by now had a chance to see most of the new IRB stuff coming into play at some stage. During the Currie Cup in South Africa we had a taste of the extra TMO involvement and concussion bin. The big one on tour was always going to be the new scrum engage requirement. Let’s face it scrums this November have generally not been that pretty a sight…