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Krugersdorp High’s Best of the West Rugby Festival

5 March, 2014 beet 0

This year Krugersdorp High School has chosen to host their annual “Best of the West” Rugby Festival during the first term end school holiday as opposed to their usual Easter Weekend slot. The tournament will also have an under-14 age group rugby festival on the go on a field alongside the  main field. It promises to a great weekend of great rugby so hopefully locals turn out in large numbers to add to the atmosphere.…

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Voortrekker Night Series 2014

28 February, 2014 beet 4

The annual Voortrekker Night Series will be sponsored by KFC and will be played over three Friday evenings starting on 21 February 2014. Three top KZN rugby schools, Kearsney, Maritzburg College and Westville will participate alongside the hosts Voortrekker (Pietermaritzburg), Greytown, Howick, Linpark and Weston in the unstructured preseason friendlies tournament.…

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Port Natal Night Series 2014

12 February, 2014 beet 82

Northwood may not be returning to defend their title but the well organised and popular Port Natal Night Series looks like it will be bigger and better than ever before. DHS steps in to fill the gap left by Northwood and for the first time Glenwood will have two invitation teams (A&B) participating at the event. …

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Bizsport Glenwood Festival 2014

29 January, 2014 beet 20

Finalised Fixtures!

For the second year running, the Bizsport Festival will take place at Glenwood in Durban. 81 games are scheduled to be played over 6 days, beginning on 31 March 2014. The age groups participating range from under-14 all the way up to open (under-19).…

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Slow start for Pieter Rossouw’s ‘Noord vs Suid’ Fest

28 November, 2013 beet 18

Well the idea might not be original but it’s always been a great one. Get the top schools from the Noordvaal to play the best that the Western Cape has to offer on an annual basis. These schools so seldom get the chance to meet on the rugby field, simple because of the logistics.

Putting the theory into practice has not been quite so easy. …

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Bondedag 2013

22 June, 2013 beet 129

The Noordelike Bondedag, provides a taste of what’s to come at Craven Week. It is also a valuable opportunity for the provincial under-18 players to develop or improve on-field understanding with new teammates from different schools and for all players to familarise themselves with the playing patterns passed down by their coaches. Bondedag takes place at the Impala Rugby Club in Rustenburg on 22 June 2013.…

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Boland, EP, SWD & WP u16 & u18 in warm-up tournament

17 June, 2013 beet 62

UPDATED. RESULTS. The Southern Coast Rugby Tournament. Schoolboy rugby fans of the Eastern and Western Cape are in for an age-group inter-provincial tournament of note. The Craven Week, Academy Week, Grant Khomo Week and under-13 Craven Week teams of all four unions will square off a tournament in Riversdale, Western Cape over the long weekend being on Friday, 14 June 2013. …

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Cape Schools Week 2013

4 June, 2013 beet 40

Updated. Fixtures finalised.

Cape Schools Week takes place at Paarl Gymnasium between Friday, 21 June and Wednesday, 26 June.…

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KZN vs Gauteng Festival at George Campbell

29 April, 2013 beet 13

UPDATED: KZN wins 11-8 with 1 draw.

There is a real McCoy annual festival in which schools from KwaZulu-Natal take on their Gauteng counterparts. This year as part of their Golden Jubilee celebrations, George Campbell from North Beach in Durban will be hosting this 20-school strong festival which consists of two match days, Saturday 27 April and Monday 29 April 2013. After the Saturday games, organisers will determine which KZN and Gauteng schools to pair up for the Monday fixtures. Their aim is to match strength versus strength.…

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Skonk Nicholson Fixtures – Day 1 & Day 2

4 April, 2013 Pedantic 59

Day 1:

Under 16 10h30 Kearsney 31  7 Trinityhouse
Under 16 11h50 Hilton 19 24 Marais Viljoen
Under 16 13h10 Westville 51  0 KZN Development
Under 16 14h30 M. College 21  5 Hudson Park
Under 14 10h30 Voortrekker 0 31 Trinityhouse
Under 14 11h50 Westville 22 20 Jeppe
Under 14 13h10 M. College 0 64 Menlo Park
Under 14 14h30 Hudson Park 41  5 Marais Viljoen

Day 2:

Under 16 08h30 Hudson Park 12 31 Westville
Under 16 09h40 Hilton 41 0 Trinityhouse
Under 16 10h50 Kearsney 14 12 Marais Viljoen
Under 16 12h00 M. College 67 7 KZN Development
Under 14 08h30 Hudson Park 0 43 Menlo Park
Under 14 09h40 Voortrekker 7 61 Marais Viljoen
Under 14 10h50 Trinityhouse 15 36 Westville
Under 14 12h00 M. College 14 14 Jeppe
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Vryheid Festival Day 1

29 March, 2013 beet 5

The Vryheid Festival starts on Saturday 30 March 2013.

It features some of the KZN Country Districts’ top schools as well as the Northwood 1st XV and 2nd XV’s from Affies, Klofies and Westville, so supporters will get to see some quality players on the field.…

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Oakdale Rugby Festival 2013

27 March, 2013 beet 0
Sat.30Mar Oudtshoorn 15 00 Bellville
Sat.30Mar Bredasdorp 23 07 Stellenbosch
Sat.30Mar Durbanville 29 00 Aliwal North
Sat.30Mar Overberg 07 06 Monument Park
Sat.30Mar Hermanus 21 17 Upington
Sat.30Mar Knysna 00 41 Vredendal
Sat.30Mar Augsburg 06 13 Louis Botha
Sat.30Mar Oakdale 19 00 Diamantveld
Sat.30Mar Montagu 13 07 Brackenfell
Sat.30Mar Sentraal (SWD) 03 31 Middelburg (Ec)
Sat.30Mar Strand 15 10 Sentraal
Sat.30Mar Hugenote 19 15 Pietersburg
Sat.30Mar Voortrekker (Beth) 19 10 Vereeniging Gim
Mon.01Apr Strand 05 14 Louis Botha
Mon.01Apr Oudtshoorn 14 07 Hermanus
Mon.01Apr Bellville 22 24 Upington
Mon.01Apr Brackenfell 34 09 Stellenbosch
Mon.01Apr Oakdale 14 00 Hugenote
Mon.01Apr Augsburg 19 19 Diamantveld
Mon.01Apr Monument Park 38 07 Sentraal (SWD)
Mon.01Apr Bredasdorp 10 43 Vereeniging Gim
Mon.01Apr Knysna 03 27 Aliwal North
Mon.01Apr Durbanville 17 43 Sentraal
Mon.01Apr Overberg 09 00 Vredendal
Mon.01Apr Montagu 44 00 Middelburg (EC)
Mon.01Apr Pietersburg 08 05 Voortrekker (Beth)
Wed.03Apr Hermanus 29 15 Vredendal
Wed.03Apr Augsburg 21 15 Brackenfell
Wed.03Apr Oudtshoorn 10 50 Vereeniging Gim
Wed.03Apr Knysna 07 24 Middelburg (EC)
Wed.03Apr Bredasdorp 60 06 Sentraal (SWD)
Wed.03Apr Hugenote 14 05 Voortrekker (Beth)
Wed.03Apr Overberg 24 18 Durbanville
Wed.03Apr Oakdale 39 00 Hts Louis Botha
Wed.03Apr Stellenbosch 07 36 Bellville High
Wed.03Apr Monument Park 23 10 Aliwal North
Wed.03Apr Strand 03 26 Diamantveld
Wed.03Apr Montagu 10 06 Upington
Wed.03Apr Sentraal 36 08 Pietersburg
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TSRF: the biggest 1st XV rugby festival in South Africa

25 March, 2013 beet 1

Tony Stoops goes to great lengths every year to give something back to the Western Cape school rugby community. He does it  in the form of a meaningful school rugby festival. The 6th annual Tony Stoops Rugby Festival will again be the largest 1st XV rugby festival in South Africa. 33 schools, many of which would otherwise not have had the opportunity to take part in a festival, will compete at Tygerberg High in the Cape.  Together with the hard work and time that goes into putting a huge festival of this nature together, comes the financial requirement. Here Tony is blessed to have African Bank and a few other generous sponsors on board to assist him with covering the costs of this worthwhile initiative. …